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Winter Tips!

By: Crystal 

It’s Winter and it’s icy cold! However, HOW do you dress up fashionably WITHOUT freezing? Easy! Stick with us to know!

1) Tip one: Jeans are awesome with pretty much anything. The best choice is to wear a hoodie or a knitted top. If your jeans are black, try avoiding black or white hoodie or tops. Same thing with white jeans.

2) Tip two: Wearing accessories make nice looks look AWESOME. Boots, earmuffs, scarves, gloves, and barretes are good choices. They not only make you look good, but also keep you warm from the Winter cold.

3) Tip three: Don’t be afraid to wear dresses. Wear leggings, tights or even long socks if it’s not that cold.

4) Tip four: Keep your hair down. Your hair can keep your neck warm. Try avoiding buns and high ponytails. Braids, low-ponytails, e.t.c.

Use these tips to keep warm and trendy!


Winter is here!

By: Crystal and Halle

Everyone knows winter is mostly (for most places) cold, cold, cold! So, how can you look fashionable AND warm at the same time? Winter must-haves are basically scarves, gloves, fur, boots and earmuffs. They jazz things up and make you look awesome and fabulous. Here are some good ideas. Stay warm so you won’t get cold!

Option 1: Trench coats + knitted dresses + leggings & boots + great sunglasses = OSM match

Wearing these fashion clothes will make you warm and fashionable.