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Red Panda’s Story

By: Mother Nature  (Hina Yu)

Many people often get red pandas and raccoons mixed up.  What is the difference between red pandas and raccoons anyway? To tell the truth, raccoons are relatives of red pandas, but they look different. Not only that, raccoons are gray, unlike red pandas. Red pandas use their big bushy tails to keep them warm in cold climates, and they spend most of their time on trees.

Red pandas are not the type of animal people usually talk about, so I decided to do some research on them. For example, do you guys know that red pandas are a mixture of a raccoon, a panda, and a cat? Some people might know that, and some people might not, but what is the most spectacular thing about red pandas anyway? The fact that they eat bamboos? Or, the fact that red pandas have furry tails? Nope! Red pandas are incredibly shy. Well, that is, except when they are mating. While the female takes care of the young, the male helps out by——- taking no interest at all and ignoring the young. Right. You are probably thinking, “WHAT? The female does all the hard work and the male just relaxes?” But let’s think about the situation this way.  We humans act similar to these animals. In your house, the mom does the work and the male plays. It’s the same thing for red pandas.

Red pandas are endangered animals. Their habitats are disappearing because of us. We cut down trees for many things. Every single day that we use paper, we are destroying not only the red panda’s habitat, we are also destroying many other animals’ environments. I hope that after reading this article, You have learned more about red pandas.

Greek Gods


Hello fellow readers! This is an article by Demeter( I’m going by this name because I am going to introduce you people to my family!) Well! First of all, I was born from my titan mother; Rhea! (She is a very loving and caring father. Unlike my father Kronos.)She had 12 baby Olympians and well, I was part of it. I have several brothers and sisters. Some us of are even married to our own family members! I for one, was forced to marry my 2 brothers: Poseidon and Zeus. One of the most powerful and the strongest gods in the universe. Well, there is another god that is also powerful and strong but I have nothing good to talk about him right now. In fact, I don’t even want to talk about him, meet him, praise him for ANYTHING! (Destroys 3 farmhouses) Sorry. But I really cannot help myself after he stole my precious sunshine Persephone. She is my daughter and whenever I see her, hear her, sense her, I feel like nothing bad would happen. Unfortunately, she ate a pomegranate and I had to search her for weeks! And one time, when Kronos tried to return and destroy us all, we had to rely on those demigods. If we didn’t have them, I would be no more, I will fade and Western Civilization would have died! (Murmurs to herself silently cursing.) I am sorry if I cannot tell you much but I must go now. Goodbye people. And if you ever need advice in farming, please come find me. Thank You! May your Winter be lovely as summer. 🙂

Please ask me questions later on and I, Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture shall answer as fast as possible.

Demeter says hello!

Hello everybody!

This is the goddess of farming and agriculture. I may look like a weak and puny goddess but when I am angry, I get MAD! But don’t worry. I won’t go and wack people in the head without any reason. I am going to tell you guys that I will be telling and introducing you to my family! Oh, and just to let you know, that evil Hades kidnapped my “little sunshine” Persephone! Anyway. I will be multitasking while writing an article about my family. Hmm? What? What did you say darling? Oh for dinner? I’m thinking that we should make some bread as dinner. So sorry but I need to go. Persephone is hungry and I hate it when she gets upset. Goodbye! I should be posting an article next week. Goodbye! happy farming everyone! Oh! And if you ever meet little weats, tell them hello for me!

Amazing Animals: Platypus

Duck or beaver? Thats the Question!

By Hina


What animal has a bill, tail, webbed feet, spurs, eggs, claws, and venom? A platypus!  A platypus is a carnivore and is very rare. They mostly feed on a diet of shrimps, crayfish, insect larvae and worms. They usually live in the eastern part of Australia. Dr. Tom Grant is an expert on platypuses. He protects them and tells people about them. Platypuses are not usually recommended as a pet but you could still keep them as one. These animals are shy, elusive, very sensitive to noise and change in the quality of the water they swim in and are more active at night. They are, in fact, considered as a wild animal. It costs tons of thousands, if not a hundred thousand dollars to get one, including the proper licenses and habitat for one. In Australia, you will have a better chance of getting one because they will be more likely to have people who take care of sick ones or are allowed to have them for different reasons. But they are usually friendly as long as you don’t threaten them. Unfortunately, platypuses are an endangered species, and as a result, it’s illegal to export a platypus from Australia.




Peculiar Pets: Fennec Fox

By Katelyn 

In most peoples minds, foxes are sly, cunning, and usually the bad guy in cartoons. But unlike the normal foxes, fennec foxes aren’t like that!

Fennec foxes, also called fennecs, is a small nocturnal fox, found in the Sahara of North Africa. Fennec foxes most noticeable trait is its unusually large ears, used for releasing heat. They weigh 2-3.5 pounds, and have a soft, thick, short coat that is white on the belly and reddish or tawny on the back. They also have some black markings on their back and tail. Fennec foxes eats insects, small mammals, and birds. They are about the size of a cat, but their energy and playfulness is the same as a very active dog. Fennec foxes agility and the height they can jump is more like a cat.

Fennec foxes are energetic 15% of the time, snuggly 20% of the time, and rest of the time they are asleep. Fennec foxes DO NOT calm down with age! Most fennec foxes loves to be petted and cuddled, but only when they get to know you. They are generally not afraid of strangers, and is friendly to everyone. Most people say that male fennecs are easier to take care of than female fennecs.

Fennec foxes have a lifespan of 10-16 years, so will be a wonderful choice for a pet, but you will have to coordinate with its barking and never tiring energy!

Fennec foxes have large ears to release heat.
Fennec foxes have large ears to release heat.
Fennec foxes are snuggly 20% of the time.
Fennec foxes are snuggly 20% of the time.