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Strange Sports: Unicycle Football

One-wheeled Touchdown

Unicycle-Football-Taking-The-Internet-By-Storm-Video  By Emily 

   All football games are played by trying to get a point by running, throwing,  and touching the ground with the  ball trying to get away from big, bulky  armored people, right? Well, not exactly. There is Unicycle Football. Unicycle  Football isn’t just random football, it is football played on a unicycle!

    Unicycle football is game of football on a unicycle. So, that mean if you are good a unicycles, you can play, yes? No! Here’s why: Players fall off their unicycle a lot! In this game, the field is decided by the amount of players. Once it is decided, here comes the first action of the game, “Football Joust!” It is played by using a “boxing glove on a stick.” Then, the players will start the game! The players can tackle other players by pushing them off their unicycle, or pulling off their flags.

    There is also a league for it, which is based on San Marcos, Texas, and currently consists of nine teams. The league now is in the ninth season. The UFL has almost been around for a decade. Seems like America needs more unicycle sports, other than unicycle hockey and this. People pedaling around on hybrid blade wheels? That’s perfect!

Strange Sports: Bicycle Motocross


    Two-Wheels With Attitude

by Pierre 

    Bicycle motocross, also known as BMX, is an extreme sport. Usually, people think that bicycle is a sport that is relaxing and recreation, if they think that way, they are wrong!

    BMX is a sport where you do stunts like flips and turns. Some people could even get hurt in the progress of performing. Also, they could do incredible figures. It’s like you never would know what will come up next during the show.

     People who play BMX also need to wear protective gear. Most people would fail at the first few times, but if you never give up, you will also become a master at it and be on TV! They could also get hurt, however, if they continue practicing, they would actually start to enjoy it, progressing very quickly and enjoy it.