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Boot Fashion!

By: Avalon

Boots are now a major fashion trend. They are easy to wear,  just pull ‘em up, and you’re ready to go! They can also make you look really AWESOME! If you are wondering whether to wear a pair of long boots or a pair of short boots, you have to judge depending what you’re going to wear on the top. If it’s a long dress to your knees, a LONG pair of boots will fit the look! If you’re going to wear a T-shirt + shorts, a pair of SHORT boots will make you look fantastic! Take our advice about these fashion tips and you will have a gorgeous day!


Winter is here!

By: Crystal and Halle

Everyone knows winter is mostly (for most places) cold, cold, cold! So, how can you look fashionable AND warm at the same time? Winter must-haves are basically scarves, gloves, fur, boots and earmuffs. They jazz things up and make you look awesome and fabulous. Here are some good ideas. Stay warm so you won’t get cold!

Option 1: Trench coats + knitted dresses + leggings & boots + great sunglasses = OSM match

Wearing these fashion clothes will make you warm and fashionable.