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Food in Class



By  Halle

Should the students be able to eat food in class? Yes! Some people are neatly clean and don’t like the sound of munching food in their mouth. However, eating food during class can help you stay alert and focused, you wouldn’t have time to eat, and you won’t be hungry.

First of all, eating food during class can help you stay alert and focused. If you are sleepy in class, you can get out your snack, like energy bar, to wake you up and pay attention. Also, some students are very stressed and won’t be able to eat food, so eating snacks during class time would let them focus and get healthy.

Second, you won’t have time to eat. Some students wouldn’t have time to eat breakfast because they are rushing to get to school. However, when they come to school, they wouldn’t have time to eat because class starts. In addition, students should able to eat breakfast during class time so they would stay healthy and have time to eat. Another thing is that

Third, you won’t be hungry. During class time, a lot of students whine about that they are hungry. Therefore, if the teachers let them eat, they won’t whine how hungry they are. Also, when the students are hungry, they would feel uncomfortable. When the students’ stomach growl, it gets harder to focus during class. Some of the students think that they make a mess after eating, but they can still clean after eating.

In conclusion, students should be able to eat during class time because eating can stay you alert, you won’t have time to eat, and you won’t be hungry. Eating can let you pay attention and take time eating.



By Ashley Huang

Everyone likes to eat. But should food be allowed during class? No. Food should not be allowed in class.

First of all, it can be a big distraction to a student. Not paying attention in class is disrespectful to both the teacher and other students. Others students might feel uncomfortable hearing chewing or swallowing noises and can not concentrate on learning.

Second, health issues such as allergy is a big problem. If someone is eating a food other students are allergic to, they might start to itch or have other allergic reactions, even if they didn’t eat any. If someone have a certain disease and cannot get close to a certain food, he/she might be in danger if a student next to him/her is eating that food.

Third, most schools have a lunch time. Students should be able to wait until lunch time, even if they are really hungry. No one should be really hungry anyways, because they should’ve eaten breakfast. If they did not eat anything in the morning, it should be their own problem. Students should not be eating in class just because they are hungry.

Students should be learning and paying attention to the teacher, not eating and providing distraction to both him/herself and others. It could be unhealthy and unclean, and sometimes even threatening. So to conclude, students should not eat during class.

IBSH Flea Market

By: Katelyn

On Wednesday, March 18, IBSH hosted its annual flea market because of the 32nd school anniversary. In fact, IBSH hosts a flea market every year to honor the school during its anniversary, making students from all classes work hard to finish in time for the event. The flea market took place at the IBSH quadrangle and the hallway that leads to the gym. There were performances in the gym, including dances, cheer leading, and lots of other hosted activities. Out in the quadrangle, kids from first to sixth grade were advertising games and selling toys, food, and including other merchandise. The middle school and high school kids set up their booths in the hallway to the gym, where there was more noise and students with their parents, who tried to buy some tasty goods.

“The flea market was awesome, and I got to hear my friend Alo scream for the first time.” says Mary, a sixth grader from IBSH. Kelly, another kid from sixth grade, says “The weather was burning hot! however that didn’t ruin all of the flea market fun.” Most students thought that the flea market was very amusing, and very enjoyable. “I can’t believe we earned so much money! I thought that our things weren’t good enough, that would cause in no one coming to buy them,” says another sixth grader. The 6A class earned about 8000 NT during the flea market by selling Styrofoam airplanes, pizza from Costco, frozen juice, and books. The pizza sold out in minutes. Also, parents came and bought books for their children, and students of all ages came and bought the airplanes. The frozen juice soon ran out just like the pizza. In the end, all of the 6A students agreed that selling goods at the flea market was a good learning experience for all of them.