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Thoughts & Comments: Boys on Grad Trip

 By William Wang


James’ 1st day “ I thought everything was okay but it was too hot and I wanted to stay indoors with AC.” James’ 2nd day “ It was very fun because of the roller coasters, but I couldn’t ride everyone of them because of the big rain.”
Jackie’s 1st day “I thought it was every fun because we get to build a chair, but I wanted to continue stay indoors because outside was too hot.” Jackie’s 2nd day “The roller coaster was so fun and the Turkish ice cream was very delicious, I actually ate four of them.”
Shawn’s Yin 1st day “It was very fun, especially the DIY and prank calling other rooms but the bad part is that my friend Lowell couldn’t eat a lot of food because it was mostly seafood.” Shawn Yin’s 2nd day “It was also very fun but I was sad that my friend Lowell couldn’t ride the scary ones because he slept too late.”
Joy Chen’s  1st day “The first day was fun because we get to have a pillow fight that lasted 2 hours and play iphone for 4 hours, but I thought the guide was very creepy because she keeps on drawing other people’s faces while getting the wrong answer.” Joy Chen’s 2nd day “The second day was more fun than the first day because I rode on a lot of scary ride and it was fun in the amusement park. The turkish ice cream in the amusement park was also very good. I ate it upside down, but the negative side is that I couldn’t go on some of the rides because I felt uncomfortable.”
William Wang’s 1st day “ The fun part in the first day is that I had a pillow fight with my roommates and we pranked call other rooms. One of the rooms even believed us about getting pizza. But the bad part is that I kept on sweating because it was too hot so I felt very uncomfortable about the sweat.” William Wang’s 2nd day “The second day was also very fun, we want to an amusement park and I went on the scariest rides in the park but I was kind of sad that the trip ended.”

Should the graduation trip be educational?

By Candace Lin

Many teachers say that the graduation trip should be educational, claiming that it’s learning, just out of school. But most students disagree with this logic. Why should the trip be educational? It’s a time for us to enjoy two fun and relaxing days, learn more about our classmates, and most of all, celebrate the end of elementary school.

Unfortunately, the graduation trip has passed and the “non-education” idea cannot be used in this year’s graduation trip for the 6th graders. But this change can still be made for the graduates to come. No student in his/her right mind would want a whole two-day trip of learning that makes the brain leak with boredom. The graduation trip is a time for us to have fun, before we get too old, since graduating means going into a higher grade.

If we just have “school” for the trip, it won’t really be a graduation celebration anymore. If it weren’t educational, we could take our minds off school for a couple days and live our life like it should be done. If our graduation trip is educational, it’ll be just like school, except for we aren’t limited to our own desk. It will be boring for students: countless touring, learning about Taiwan’s culture… we wouldn’t have the spirit to talk to each other or think properly. Even if we did listen to the guide, most of the information wouldn’t stick to our heads. If it did, there wouldn’t be too much we could do with it. If it weren’t educational, we could learn more about each other and have a great trip.

Lastly, the graduation trip is for showing that we are graduating, meaning graduating from school. Graduating means to complete a step or grade in school, so if our trip is educational, we aren’t really having a trip to graduate from school; we’re having it to progress in school – and progressing in school isn’t really celebrating the end of school. In fact, it’s not really a trip anymore, it’s more like a working trip. Translated, that’s just like a business trip, but for elementary students. It sounds demented, but if it’s educational, then that’s what the graduation trip really is: a trip for work.

Conclusively, the graduation shouldn’t be educational, in order for us to have a great two days. We can also learn more about other classmates we don’t normally talk to, and finally, be ourselves.

Jazzy Science Time

By Mary

Fourth to sixth grade IBSH students assembled in the gymnasium at 10:10 am, to start the IBSH Elementary Science Fair. According to the teachers of IBSH, this science fair was conducted to teach students about the scientific method, to bring science thinking in daily life, and to give the students an opportunity to conduct experiments. Parents also came to the science fair to view their kids projects, and see other people’s hard work. The fair had judges who were both normal science teachers, and professors that specialize in science. Mr. Steven, the IBSH disciplinarian, also walked around and listened to the presenters’ speeches.

While some people worked very hard and even created special videos as an additional visual aid for their topics, others were slacking of and wondering around instead of correctly presenting their experiments. The judges were fairly strict, asking specific questions and striking the unexplained parts the presenters didn’t mention. On the other hand, they were very polite and kind, listening carefully to every word spoken and not being too judgmental. The pupils that worked individually had to stay next to their posters most of the time, yet the people that worked in groups had time to wonder around and view their friend’s experiments.

“In my opinion, the science fair was fairly boring because of the surveys we had to write while the science fair, which was extremely time consuming,” said Ashley, a girl form sixth grade. Many other participants shared the same idea as Ashley, and thought it was too much hard work for one small event.

“The science fair was very enjoyable, and I loved the competitiveness among the participants!” opposed another sixth grader Kelly. But no matter if the students enjoyed the fair or not, the parents themselves thought it was a fun learning experience. In the conclusion, the Science Fair was a very busy event for the students, but also an intense competition, and the students are curious to know which people will be the winners.

IBSH Flea Market

By: Katelyn

On Wednesday, March 18, IBSH hosted its annual flea market because of the 32nd school anniversary. In fact, IBSH hosts a flea market every year to honor the school during its anniversary, making students from all classes work hard to finish in time for the event. The flea market took place at the IBSH quadrangle and the hallway that leads to the gym. There were performances in the gym, including dances, cheer leading, and lots of other hosted activities. Out in the quadrangle, kids from first to sixth grade were advertising games and selling toys, food, and including other merchandise. The middle school and high school kids set up their booths in the hallway to the gym, where there was more noise and students with their parents, who tried to buy some tasty goods.

“The flea market was awesome, and I got to hear my friend Alo scream for the first time.” says Mary, a sixth grader from IBSH. Kelly, another kid from sixth grade, says “The weather was burning hot! however that didn’t ruin all of the flea market fun.” Most students thought that the flea market was very amusing, and very enjoyable. “I can’t believe we earned so much money! I thought that our things weren’t good enough, that would cause in no one coming to buy them,” says another sixth grader. The 6A class earned about 8000 NT during the flea market by selling Styrofoam airplanes, pizza from Costco, frozen juice, and books. The pizza sold out in minutes. Also, parents came and bought books for their children, and students of all ages came and bought the airplanes. The frozen juice soon ran out just like the pizza. In the end, all of the 6A students agreed that selling goods at the flea market was a good learning experience for all of them.

Fabulous Singing Team: A Capella Performance

A Capella Performance Review

By: Mary

On Wednesday, March 18, an A Capella performance took place in the school gym of IBSH (International Bilingual School Hsinchu). The performance took place at 14:20, and everyone from both IBSH and NEHS attended the event. The performance was about two hours long, and even though the performers were all from Taiwan, they still sang different English pop hits such as “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, “Price Tag” by Jessie J. and others. In addition to that, the performers showed videos with A Capella performances from other countries like Australia, England, and the United States. There was also an activity for all the students, where the audience had to sing and clap their hands accordingly.

However, because of the disciplinarian from the Chinese side , the show started on a rather sad note. The woman was a teacher, and was extremely strict and mean. She screamed at the students like they were military soldiers, speaking in a very cold and rude tone. It took her fifteen minutes straight to explain to the audience that there would be absolutely no talking, whispering, laughing, or any kind of communication with their teacher or their neighbors. Moreover, the woman mentioned how there could be absolutely no sound heard from anyone, and if there was, that person would be severely punished with community service and their whole class would have to leave. Despite all that sorrow, when the show started, everyone was amazed by the performers’ beautiful voices.

“The performance was awesome, but there was too much unnecessary information about other A Capella shows that they mentioned.” says Katelyn, an IBSH sixth grader.

“I want more shows like this one; it was great!” Kelly, another 6th grader from IBSH says. As expected, the show was stunning, and the audience couldn’t believe how soft and sweet the singers’ voices were. I personally thought that I have never seen nor heard anything better than this show; even the teachers liked the show! I hope that in the future, our school will hold more shows like this to entertain and inspire the students.

Hi- Five: My Favorite Book


The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

By Katelyn Chen

mysterious benedict society

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is a 512-page fiction, intended for children ages eight and up. When the book was first published on January 1st, 2007, it was immediately popular. This book is about four extraordinary children; Reynie Muldoon, Kate Wetherall, Constance Contraire, and Sticky Washington. They created a group named “The Mysterious Benedict Society,” and tries to stop Mr. Curtain from secretly brain-washing the whole world.

Trenton Lee Stewart
Trenton Lee Stewart


The cover is attractive, using the color yellow. Also, the illustrations are creative, and pulls the reader in. The font is cool, and the author puts the title in a banner. I like books with creative illustrations, covers, and fonts.


The descriptions are very detailed, and gives us a clear idea of what the author is trying to say. For example, the author describes Mr. Benedict and Mr. Curtain’s nose as a cucumber, so that the readers will imagine the noses big, long, and fat.



The author has a lot of imagination, and creates fun and interesting personalities for each of the characters. The names are also very creative, such as George/Sticky Washington. Kate Wetherall’s characteristics are also very creative, saying that she always brings a bucket full of things with her wherever she goes.

The characters- Kate Wetherall, Reynie Muldoon, Sticky Washington, Constance Contraire
The characters- Kate Wetherall, Reynie Muldoon, Sticky Washington, Constance Contraire


“You must remember, family is often born of blood, but it doesn’t depend on blood. Nor is it exclusive of friendship. Family members can be your best friends, you know. And best friends, whether or not they are related to you, can be your family.” This book tells us about the importance of family and friends. Without each other, the character wouldn’t have succeeded in saving the world.


The plot is fun, interesting, and intriguing, making the reader unable to put the book down. While the ending is probably quite expected, there are some unexpected twists in the middle of the book. The book is creative, cool, and captivating.

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Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

A Safe Scare

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

By Your Name Here


SUMMARY: Please write a summary here of the book. Include the name of the book, author’s name, genre, intended age group, page count and publishing date. Also go over the basics of the plot without giving away the twists and/or ending. (3-5 sentences)

5-HiFivePlease write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal.


Please write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal.


Please write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal.


Please write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal.


Please write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal. THIS SHOULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!!

Wreck it Ralph: Movie Review

“Wreck it Ralph”

By Annie

In a world of gaming and fun, there is a “bad guy” named Ralph. He was tired of watching Felix getting golden medals, eating cake and having parties while he has been left out in a dump. So he went out of his game to do something about it.

“Wreck it Ralph” is produced from Walt Disney Animation Studio and it was released by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was released at October 29, 2012. This movie was directed by Rich Moore. John C. Reilly is starring as Ralph, Sarah Silverman is starring as Vanellope von Schweetz and Jack McBrayer as Fix it Felix Jr. There are many more characters but I just choose the main characters.

This movie is a great thing to watch for everyone. It is not that scary or that creepy so its a good movie for people that are scared of scary and creepy movies. This is a very fun and creative movie that a lot of people will love to watch all the time.

This is a good movie for kids because it will make them know that friendship is strong and it will let them know that even though your friends get a certificate that says ” You Are Great” and if you are also a good person than, you don’t need a certificate or a prize for being good because if your heart knows that you’re good than you should believe in yourself and you would have friends to tell you that.

This movie is one of my favorites because it has a lot of imagination and it’s very creative and fun. It has a great story structure and the story is well told. This is a good movie because the story is telling us that friends are much more important than a gold medal to prove that you are good because if you are thoughtful to your friend than your friend is your gold medal. Lastly, The movie has a lot of variety of colors.

Series Preview: Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries series book review

By: Bella

What is this series all about? It’s a humorous story about a teenage girl called Nikki Maxwell who loves to write her diary . Her arch enemy, a super popular girl called Mackenzie Hollister is oftenly causing trouble for her, which makes the story exciting to read because you never know what Mackenzie will do next. Nikki’s BFFs, Zoey Franklin and Chloe Garcia are also funny, and will bring you laughter while reading. However, if you don’t like funny stories but you like romance stories, Nikki have a crush called Brandon which she’s trying to figure out if he really like her or not. That is the lovey-dovey part of the Dork Diaries series. If you want to know more about the series, you can go to dorkdiaries.com and there will be more information about it there. So, if you like romance or (especially) funny stories, this series might be a good choice for you!