Alexis (Lexi)

Who is Lexi?

Alexis (Lexi), in 6th grade, a fashion geek, spends all her time reading and writing! Usually people expect her to be strutting around giving fashion tips, but her only her best friend knows her secret: Lexi loves writing stories. She also loves to go out shopping with Halle, Crystal, and Katelyn, her BFFITEUs , and go to the bookstore too. Lexi really wishes to go back to her hometown, San Francisco, to see her friends and family. Lexi decided to join this journalism class because of one main reason. “I tried to get into lots of writing classes, but they never accepted me!” Lexi was ejected out of A LOT of clubs because of her amazing writing skills about fantasy characters. Lexi really wishes to get into this journalism class to either write articles or design the webpage! One thing in Lexi’s bucket list is that she could go to all the theme parks in the world with her best friends, Halle, Crystal, and Katelyn. 





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