Movie Review: Brave


By Crystal

Add one princess, a queen and a bunch of bears…. What do you get? No, it isn’t a screaming princess and queen, it’s the movie “Brave!” “Brave” main character is Princess Merida, voiced by Kelly Mcdonalds, who was also starred in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.”

“Brave”, released in 2012, is Pixar’s first feature with a female main character, Merida. Princess Merida is voiced by Kelly Mcdonalds, Queen Elinor is voiced by Emma Thompson, King Fergus is voiced by Billy Connolly, and the witch in the forest is voiced by Julie Walters. It was directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman and is a Walt Disney animation. In the story, Merida is an adventurous character and is a very desperate and brave girl that tries to save her mother from the witches bewitchment.

Merida isn’t your typical princess. Brought up in the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch, Princess Merida would rather shoot her arrows than learn the proper rules of being a future queen. When the realm’s three other clans arrive to present their leaders’ firstborn sons as suitors for the princess, Merida rebels against her mother, Queen Elinor, and runs away to the forest. Following a spirit, Merida encounters a witch who makes a magical cake to “change the queen.” But when the queen eats the magical treat, she changes completely. Princess Merida needs to find a way to reverse the witches magic- fast!

One of the characters are Merida’s three little brothers, Harris, Hubert and Hamish. They are very mischievous, especially when there are sweets. They are  princes of the Scottish royal kingdom where the story takes place. Thier personalities are mischievous, clever, adorable, funny, sweet and prankish. In one scene, the boys help their big sister, Merida, escape from the tapestry room when she got locked in by their father.  Overall, they are very cute and is a very fun character in the film.

Lastly, I recommend this movie to both kids and adults. However, because this movie is scarier than most princess movies, it is recommended for kids under seven to watch it with parents or adults. This movie’s recommended this film because it is more adventurous and carefree. It also tells you that family relationships are very important; it also tells you that your fate is yours. Finally, you’ll think Merida is an adventurous princess: not at all like other Disney princesses. So, if you like princess movies, but also like courageous movies, you should try “Brave!”

Series Preview: Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries series book review

By: Bella

What is this series all about? It’s a humorous story about a teenage girl called Nikki Maxwell who loves to write her diary . Her arch enemy, a super popular girl called Mackenzie Hollister is oftenly causing trouble for her, which makes the story exciting to read because you never know what Mackenzie will do next. Nikki’s BFFs, Zoey Franklin and Chloe Garcia are also funny, and will bring you laughter while reading. However, if you don’t like funny stories but you like romance stories, Nikki have a crush called Brandon which she’s trying to figure out if he really like her or not. That is the lovey-dovey part of the Dork Diaries series. If you want to know more about the series, you can go to and there will be more information about it there. So, if you like romance or (especially) funny stories, this series might be a good choice for you!

Movie Review: The Lego Movie

“The Lego Movie”

by Jasper

This movie is about a simple construction guy, Emmet in a LEGO world, where everything starts with a normal day… The adventure starts after getting lost with his friends when all of them are planning what to do next after work. He accidentally falls into a pit where every master builder is looking for… He went with a team of specialist minifigures on an adventure to save the world from President Business (Lord Business) from an evil thing which President Business (Lord Business) is using to end the world. This is “THE LEGO MOVIE,” directed by Chris (Christopher) Miller and Phil Lord. Writing credits for Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Phil Lo and Chris (Christopher) Miller. If all these people were not here, there wouldn’t be this awesome movie. If you watched it, you would rate it 5 stars!

This is Emmett. He is a construction guy who’s got a mysterious cap on his back to stop a monstrous thing that can end the world in one day. Over here is Lucy, nicknamed Wild Style. She is a master builder hiding everywhere to get away from Lord Business’s robots. Vitruvius, the oldest master builder, and he  taught Emmet to be

a master builder. President Business, secretly ,he is Lord Business, the most evil of tyrants who oversees a robot militia and attempts to take over the LEGO universe. Good/ Bad Cop, Lord Business’s #1 henchman, whose loyalty is tested when he is forced to turn on his own parents. He has to be loyal to Lord Business or else he will die, thrown out of Lord Business’s top floor of his office.

This movie is all about LEGOs that come to life and destroy the world. It’s very violent in a different way, there won’t be blood and kissing.


“THE LEGO MOVIE” would be recommended to both adults and kids in different ways. The kids can laugh out loud and have a great time while the adults can have some rest when the kids are playing. This movie is loved by a lot of people at all ages because it is hilarious and it is packed with action.  It is awesome because it is about LEGOs . This is why, everyone should watch this movie.

Blind Soccer

Blind Soccer

By: Cassie


We all know what soccer is, right? In case you don’t, soccer is a sport where you try to kick a ball in to a goal.

Blind soccer is almost the same – except you are blindfolded! Now imagine getting blindfolded for a day. Hard, right ? Now, imagine playing soccer while you are blindfolded – even harder.

Blind soccer is played by teams of 5. 4 of them are blindfolded, but the goalkeepers are allowed to see. In blind soccer, there are rattles in the soccer ball so the players can locate where the ball is.

What is the point of playing blind soccer? You must be asking yourself. Playing blind soccer builds sportsmanship, the value of teamwork, and much more. In this game, no player thinks themselves bigger than the game itself.

In conclusion, blind soccer is a great sport, and if you are interested, you should try it!

Family Time Movies

2015’s Movies 4 Family and Friends

By: Crystal

Bye, 2014! Hello 2015! Each new year comes with new entertainment. Which means MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!! These are some great , family-friendly movies you might like. .

  1. Minions: Buboy! In this movie Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.


Scheduled:Summer, July, 2015

2) Hotel Translyvania: This is a sequel to Hotel Translyvania 1

Scheduled: Fall, September, 2015

3) Star Wars: The Force Awakens:The beginning of a new Star Wars trilogy will take place 30 years after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Scheduled: Winter, December, 2015

4) Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip: Sequel to the three previous Alvin and the Chipmunk films.

Scheduled: Winter, December, 2015

5) The Avengers: Age of Ultron: The Avengers must assemble to combat the threat of Ultron.

Scheduled: Summer, May, 2015

World’s Most Famous Youtuber


By: Chris

Do you know who Pewdiepie is? You know what he does? He is the worlds most famous youtuber in the world and he has hit 32,859,951 subscribers this year and thats a lot.

Pewdiepie’s real name is ‘Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’ and is born in Sweden. He is known for playing many kind of horror and action video games like the famous 5 Nights at Freddies, Outlast, Slenderman Arrival, Cry of Fear, Among the sleep, the Forest, Amnesia… you name it! He sometimes play horror games using the Oculus Rift which is really really scary. Felix also likes to play simulator (glitchy games) related games like goat simulator, skate 3 and surgeon simulator.

Winter Tips!

By: Crystal 

It’s Winter and it’s icy cold! However, HOW do you dress up fashionably WITHOUT freezing? Easy! Stick with us to know!

1) Tip one: Jeans are awesome with pretty much anything. The best choice is to wear a hoodie or a knitted top. If your jeans are black, try avoiding black or white hoodie or tops. Same thing with white jeans.

2) Tip two: Wearing accessories make nice looks look AWESOME. Boots, earmuffs, scarves, gloves, and barretes are good choices. They not only make you look good, but also keep you warm from the Winter cold.

3) Tip three: Don’t be afraid to wear dresses. Wear leggings, tights or even long socks if it’s not that cold.

4) Tip four: Keep your hair down. Your hair can keep your neck warm. Try avoiding buns and high ponytails. Braids, low-ponytails, e.t.c.

Use these tips to keep warm and trendy!


Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Lightsabers

By Jasper Chuang

The movie with new type swords, is about to come out in theaters. Can you guess what movie I am talking about? Well if you know, congratulations. If you don’t know, well the answer is  STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. You choose between the lis aght side of the force to the dark side of the force. This movie starts 30 years after the last Star Wars movie, The Return of the Jedi.


A lightsaber( the Star Wars “swords”) is a fictional energy weapon featured in the Star Wars universe. It consists of a polished metal hilt which projects a brightly-lit energy blade generally about 4 feet (1.22 meters) long, though some lightsabers are of a different length. The lightsaber is the signature weapon of the Jedi order and their Sith counterparts, both of whom can use them for close combat, or to deflect blaster bolts. Its distinct appearance was created using rotoscoping for the original films, and digitally for the prequel trilogy. The lightsaber first appeared in the original 1977 Star Wars film and every Star Wars movie has featured at least one lightsaber duel. In 2008, a survey of approximately 2,000 film fans found it to be the most popular weapon in film history
But now in the new movie, there is a new type of lightsaber. In the first few movies, they use a lightsabers with either one blade on one side, or two blades

The Top 5 Video Games of 2014

The Top 5 Video Games of 2014

 By: Nathan Wang

5. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE  (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment). It was released on October 29, 2013 in North America for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Battlefield 4 received a positive response from reviewers and was a commercial success, praised for its multiplayer mode, gameplay and graphics. It includes single-player campaign mode and multiplayer modes.


4. The Lego Movie Video Game

The Lego Movie Video Game is an action-adventure video game developed by TT Games. It was released on February 7, 2014 in North America for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Lego Movie Video Game received a generally mixed to positive reviews from critics. It follows the plot of the animated film the Lego Movie. The game puts players in control of various characters from the movie, making use of Lego pieces to make their way through several levels.

3. NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 is a basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts. It was released on October 1, 2013 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360; versions for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One were also released on the consoles’ respective launch dates. NBA 2K14 is the successor to NBA 2K13 in the NBA 2K series.

2. Call of Duty: Ghost

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward with assistance from Raven Software, Neversoft and Certain Affinity. It was released for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on November 5, 2013. The game was released with the launch of next-generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to review score aggregator Metacritic, Call of Duty: Ghosts received mixed to positive reviews from critics, with most praising its multiplayer gameplay and introduction of the new game mode Extinction.

1. Titanfall

Titanfall is a first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on March 11, 2014; an Xbox 360 version was released on April 8, 2014. According to video game review score aggregator Metacritic, Titanfall received “generally favorable” reviews. Reviewers praised its balance, Smart Pistol weapon, player mobility, and overall accessibility for players of all skill sets.

Ten Most Expensive Food in the World

Ten Most Expensive Food in the World

By: Annie

$1 U.S. dollar= $30 NT

10) Mattake or Matsutake Mushrooms-$30,000NT


9) Westin Hotel Bagel- $30,000 NT


8) Zillion Dollar Frittata- $30,000 NT


7) Craftsteak Wagyu Ribeye Steak-$84,000 NT


6) Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana Curry-$96,000 NT


5) Domenico Crolla Pizza Royale 007-$126,000 NT


4) Densuke Black Watermelon-$183,000 NT


3) Yubari King Melons-$686,160 NT


2) Almas Caviar-$750,000 NT


1) Italian White Alba Truffle-$4,812,180 NT


Link for more information: