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Opinion Piece

No animal caging!

By: Lori

Many people think that animals should be kept in zoos.  But most people think that is wrong. What do you think? I think we should release animals in zoos because it’s animal abuse, they can get depressed, and animals should have their own rights.

Keeping animals in zoos is animal abuse. People capture the wild animals just for entertainment and also, there’s the fact that they’re caged up. To them, it’s the same as being in prison. They feel that way because there is no way to get out. Animals in zoos are being mistreated, which is a sign of animal abuse. They are mistreated by lack of food, punishments, and imprisonment. Instead of keeping them in zoos, we should find better and more proper homes for them, which, ultimately means releasing them.

Not only people can get depressed. Animals can too. Locking them up in cages can be both depressing and lonely. There can be no one to play with inside the cage. It’s also boring with nothing to do, except sitting around all day. Even if they have a friend, there will still be nearly nothing to do. All they can do is watch people walk outside their cage. Not only that, but animals can miss their original homes in the wild and feel homesick.

Animals have their own rights. They need to be free of captivity and able to go back to their old homes. Animals deserve their freedom. If they stay in the zoos, people will stare at them daily. The animals might feel uncomfortable with people staring and they won’t have their privacy. Moreover, its common knowledge that some shady zoos mistreat the animals in zoos by experimenting and torturing them. Animals deserve their freedom, which doesn’t include being caged by people.

In conclusion, we should release the animals in zoos or they will be stuck in there forever. We should debate and help all the animals around the world.