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Spooky Times

By: LiT

  Over the centuries, there have been many sightings of ghosts in many haunted places. People claim that they have seen ghostly figures floating around.  But one question remains. Are ghosts real? Are the hundreds of pictures enough?  Does the large mass of witnesses prove anything?  Let’s us find out.

  Some people believe in ghosts, some don’t.  Why is that?  Evidences that shows ghosts exist include photographs, recordings, and witnesses.  Many of these can be faked, but that doesn’t it isn’t genuine. What does?  Pictures can be faked through Photoshop and other online apps, but many pictures were taken before these gadgets were invented. Yes, some pictures are fake, but some just don’t seem to be.  How else can you explain the see through people and animals floating around?  And a dead person suddenly appearing in a picture? But how about recordings?  Those can simply be people talking, or actually eerie sounds.  It pretty much impossible to prove either way, so let’s put that aside for now.  And now for witnesses.  People can lie most definitely, so unless someone tested them, with a lie detector, we don’t know for sure.  But there is also the simple matter of children, young kids in particular.  A kid don’t usually lie, unless they know they did something they are not supposed to.  But why will they lie about ghosts?  Though not a lot of kids have sighted ghosts, but some had, and that kind of proves their existence.

  How about the evidences that proves ghosts don’t exist?  First, why do ghosts hang around anyway?  Secondly, the “orbs” are simply just reflections of light from the camera.  Lot of pictures have it, and many people are sensible enough not to go shouting that they caught a ghost on camera.  Also, when people die, they just disappear.  How do they even come back?  How come they seem to float and walk through walls? How come they wear clothes?  If a  human die, the ghost should come back in the shape of the human, not wearing some random clothes. Why do ghosts stick around anyway.  Some ghosts are people whom committed suicide.  If they are in such a hurry to leave, why don’t they just leave? There’s also the simple matter that ghosts simply can’t exist because they would have come out to speak with us.  They don’t seem to mind secrecy a lot, so why don’t them just show themselves and explain everything?

  Scientist are the most common people whom put their feet down when told about ghosts.  “It just a hallucination.”  “You imagined it.”  “Just a figment of imagination.  You aren’t fully awake yet.”  They say that the brain are just showing you things, that you are in the middle of conscious and unconscious, and reality and imagination blends together.  But some scientist actually believes in ghosts.  It just no proof have been offered yet.

  So in conclusion, I don’t think that we have enough evidence on either side to triumph over.  We’ll just have to wait and see.