Dear Readers,

This is Mother Earth, and protector of all the natural lands. People say I am Demeter, goddess of Agriculture, or Gaea, the Earth Mother. This is a message to all fellow readers. My column will be about animals and nature. The first article that I’m going to write is about animals. (Nature will come later, that, I promise you.) The chosen animal of the week/month is going to be Red Pandas. I will describe them, tell you where they are, and if they are endangered or not. If they are, I will tell people why, and how we can save them little by little. After that, I will talk about some Greek gods that has to do with nature. After that, I do not know. We need to discuss about what I am going to write next. I hope that all of you guys had a pleasant time reading this and support our articles. If anyone wants to give us suggestions, write them in the comment box below. Thank you all!


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