The LEMUR is a newspaper written by a group of specially chosen students at IBSH elementary school. Every Wednesday, they meet to find out the latest news with the help of their supervisor, Mr. Stephen Cravak, and turn them into amazing stories for everyone to read. Every article is original and captivating, and sure to give everyone a thrill!

The LEMUR’s slogan is “two tongues, one voice” It fits the LEMUR better than any other, for the students who wrote these articles are from the bilingual department, meaning they speak two languages. And it just so happens that lemurs have two tongues. So you can see where the LEMUR’s slogan came from. The students have two languages, the lemurs have two tongues, and even then, they all have one voice. So though they speak two languages, these young writers can still manage write the most awesome stories ever!

The Lemur began as a print newspaper in the fall of 2012 and was founded and funded by IBSH parents. Mr. Stephen Cravak, a veteran journalism teacher was recruited to take the helm and guided 30 students ranging from 5th to 6th grade. In its third year, the Lemur is adapting with technology and evolving into the online newspaper you enjoy today.

To view past print issues please click below:

LemurV01#01 LemurV01#02 LemurV01#03 LemurV01#04 LemurV02#01 LemurV02#02

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IBSH's Elementary School Newspaper

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