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Opinion Piece

Anime Clutter!

By: Mary

There are different types of animation in the world, but anime is one of the most popular types of animation. It is not only popular in Japan, but is also well-known in USA, Russia, and other countries. Yet, what exactly makes anime so popular? Keep reading to find out more!

The first thing that makes anime so special is the great art. Anime is known for the very detailed drawing of eyes, and anime eyes can be drawn in many different styles. But it is not only about the eyes! The settings of every good anime are drawn very detailed and beautiful. In addition, the clothes of the characters are drawn stylish and cute. These characteristics make the art of the animation great!

Secondly, the plot and the story of almost every Japanese animation is breathtaking and interesting. Every anime’s plot differs from the other, and yet the creators can still think of more. The plot can have the most shocking endings. Also, lots of anime likes to add a little bit of magic to the plot, which makes it even cooler! The themes of the plot vary in names and ideas, and some of the most poplar ones are: school life, comedy, and action fighting.

Finally, anime is great because of the variety of different characters. As you may already know, anime characters are very different in appearance. They can have different hair color, different skin color, different style , or different height. In addition, anime characters  have all sorts of different personality, just like real people! They can be mean (tsundere) but sweet, cute (deredere), or cool (kuuderel). The characters’ can act just like us, which is very entertaining to watch!

In the end, we have a conclusion. Anime is very popular due to its amazing and cute art style. It is also well-known of its twisting plot. Lastly, the characters are just so different and interesting, they attract you to watch the anime! Now, after hearing all this, don’t you want to start watching anime too?