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Ten Most Expensive Food in the World

Ten Most Expensive Food in the World

By: Annie

$1 U.S. dollar= $30 NT

10) Mattake or Matsutake Mushrooms-$30,000NT


9) Westin Hotel Bagel- $30,000 NT


8) Zillion Dollar Frittata- $30,000 NT


7) Craftsteak Wagyu Ribeye Steak-$84,000 NT


6) Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana Curry-$96,000 NT


5) Domenico Crolla Pizza Royale 007-$126,000 NT


4) Densuke Black Watermelon-$183,000 NT


3) Yubari King Melons-$686,160 NT


2) Almas Caviar-$750,000 NT


1) Italian White Alba Truffle-$4,812,180 NT


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Junk Food Calories

By: Annie

Helper: Halle

Some of the more popular snacks in Taiwan includes Doritos, M&M’s, Skittles, Oreos, Gummy Bears/Gummy related, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Pringles, Lay’s, Combo’s, Pretzels, Hi-chew, Cheetos, Cheddar Goldfish, and Twix. But, won’t eating those snacks make you fat? That is why we are here to tell you which one has the most calories.

First of all, the one with the most calories is pretzels, which has 380 calories. Pretzels contain a lot of sugar, but they don’t have that much nutrients. So, it has a lot of calories and aren’t healthy. The least calories are gummy bears or gummy related. Each gummy bear or gummy related has 9 calories. Even though it has some sugar inside, a lot of kids like it because it is sweet and healthy.

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Untitled Infographic