Who is Hina?

Hina is a chubby, cute and funny twelve years old. She is originally from San Francisco, California, but she doesn’t remember  her house looked like, or what street she lived in and so on. She can only know about her past by looking at videos and photos in her family album. She is currently in sixth grade and is having a fun time with her friends. Looking at hamsters, puppies, cats and animals are her hobbies. She is interested in journalism because she likes to write stories and design newspapers. She also likes journalism because she likes it when people are reading the newspaper with great interest. One of the things on her bucket list is to move to America and be a youtuber about hamsters and give tours about the cages and also introduce new hamster to everyone that looks at the video. If you ask her about animals, then she can answer any questions that are about hamsters, but only hamsters because she never had a dog or cat before. Her favorite quote is, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” 


Amazing Animals: Platypus

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