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Kid Turns Into a Dog Overnight

By Candace and William

Oregon – On Monday, March 30th, HSBI third grader Jacob Johnson turned into a dog. The time he turned into a dog is unclear. The only information about his transformation from his parents is that he morphed overnight. He cannot speak human language; he only barks. For three days he has been acting weirdly at home, which includes not eating dog food and running away from his family. Linguistics are working hard to translate dog language into English. So far they have little success. The only things they can make out are “Help me! I want to be human again!” and “I need food!”

Scientists say that the translator might be able to help Jacob learn how Jacob turned into dog form. “We just need to add a few tweaks to the machine so the translations will be clearer.” This hypothesis worked, and scientists were able to figure out complete sentences of dog language. “It might even solve all the misery of other stray dogs, and understand what they want.”

Doctors say that they have no idea how he turned into a dog. “There is no scientific explanation for this event,” Frankie Franks, cynologist (a person who studies dogs), states. Jacob’s mother, Jamie Johnson, adds, “I don’t get it! I raised my son with all my heart and this is what I get? A dog?!”

Lately, the linguistics are able to tell Jacob’s full story, due to the improvements made to the machine. “I was just dreaming about dogs and I told the dog god to let me be a dog for a month. Now I totally regret what I said, because being a dog is not fun, and it will be a long time until I turn back into a human,” says Jacob, still in a dog form. Doctors are shocked to discover that they didn’t have to perform any medical changes to help Jacob turn back into human; they just had to be patient. Jacob successfully turned back into a human weeks later.

Jacob Johnson, in dog form.
Jacob Johnson, in dog form.
The dog translating machine
The dog translating machine

Top 5 Music Singles

2014 Review: Top 5 Singles

By: Mary SY

5.  Maroon 5 – Animals

Animals is a great song that is very popular. The lead singer is “easy on the eyes”, which made the song even more popular. The video was very unusual, but it didn’t ruin the wonderful song.

4. Iggy Azalea – Fancy

Iggy Azalea is from Australia, but her song is definitely for everybody. The song is a mix between a rap and a pop song, including a swift beat. The song is also featuring Charli XCX, a British pop singer.

3. Taylor Swift – Blank Space

This song is on one hand soft, but on the other hand is very upbeat. As Taylor Swift herself explains, the video to the single represents how her haters think she acts like. The single itself became popular very fast, even so it was published all most by the end of the year.

2. Taylor Swift – Shake it off

Another song by Taylor Swift, is a single from her album 1989. The song talks about how people shouldn’t take other’s opinions too serious, and just “shake it off”. The video to the song included 5 different types of dances, and even Taylor herself “trying” to dance in the background.

1. Ariana Grande Problem ft Iggy Azalea

Ariana Grange is a quite new singer with a very powerful, high voice. Her most popular song is Problem, and it is a very catchy song with a nice tune. Problem is a song with a fast beat and perfect for a hip hop dance.

Opinion Piece

Animals in IBSH?

By: Hina

Every twist and turn, you see an animal. What is this place? Are we in a zoo? Actually, we are in our own school; the only difference is the living creatures that are roaming around. Instead of students on the streets, we see animals. This day is a very special day/event for our school because on this particular sunday, we get to see our animal protector Jane Goodall.

The first thing that makes this day special is because we get to see Jane Goodall. She knows everything about chimpanzees and even wrote books from her observations. She is indeed not so young, but she is determined to save her lovely animals from getting extinct. When we dress up as animals, we are showing how much we care about animals and how much we want to save them. We walked around while we pretended to act like that particular creature.

The second reason why this sunday is special is because we do not need to learn anything. Instead, we get to walk around without needing to worry about cars because they can’t come in this area. This is actually a one and only school/week day where we don’t need to take a test. Which means that we could relax even if it is 3 days before the midterms. We don’t need to learn school related topics, but we could learn some information of Jane Goodall by listening to her fantastic and educated speech about her plan how we can help animals .

The third reason why it is such a big event for IBSH is because this doesn’t happen every year. She might not come back next year because she might not have time and she will have to take a lot of energy because as people age, they can’t travel very often because your back might hurt. IBSH is honored to have her come to IBSH because Taiwan has many schools but instead of choosing Taipei or other big cities, she chose Hsinchu Science park to be her entertainer.

Having Jane Goodall coming here is very rare and you might not even see her for a second time. Even if you think that this event is useless and it doesn’t help us in anyway, it does. Its not just about how much fun you are having in whatever event. Its the part where you could feel. By going to a parade, you learn to be an animal and maybe you can be an animal when you grow up because technically, we are animals. What animal do you want to be?

Opinion Piece

No animal caging!

By: Lori

Many people think that animals should be kept in zoos.  But most people think that is wrong. What do you think? I think we should release animals in zoos because it’s animal abuse, they can get depressed, and animals should have their own rights.

Keeping animals in zoos is animal abuse. People capture the wild animals just for entertainment and also, there’s the fact that they’re caged up. To them, it’s the same as being in prison. They feel that way because there is no way to get out. Animals in zoos are being mistreated, which is a sign of animal abuse. They are mistreated by lack of food, punishments, and imprisonment. Instead of keeping them in zoos, we should find better and more proper homes for them, which, ultimately means releasing them.

Not only people can get depressed. Animals can too. Locking them up in cages can be both depressing and lonely. There can be no one to play with inside the cage. It’s also boring with nothing to do, except sitting around all day. Even if they have a friend, there will still be nearly nothing to do. All they can do is watch people walk outside their cage. Not only that, but animals can miss their original homes in the wild and feel homesick.

Animals have their own rights. They need to be free of captivity and able to go back to their old homes. Animals deserve their freedom. If they stay in the zoos, people will stare at them daily. The animals might feel uncomfortable with people staring and they won’t have their privacy. Moreover, its common knowledge that some shady zoos mistreat the animals in zoos by experimenting and torturing them. Animals deserve their freedom, which doesn’t include being caged by people.

In conclusion, we should release the animals in zoos or they will be stuck in there forever. We should debate and help all the animals around the world.

Peculiar Pets: Fennec Fox

By Katelyn 

In most peoples minds, foxes are sly, cunning, and usually the bad guy in cartoons. But unlike the normal foxes, fennec foxes aren’t like that!

Fennec foxes, also called fennecs, is a small nocturnal fox, found in the Sahara of North Africa. Fennec foxes most noticeable trait is its unusually large ears, used for releasing heat. They weigh 2-3.5 pounds, and have a soft, thick, short coat that is white on the belly and reddish or tawny on the back. They also have some black markings on their back and tail. Fennec foxes eats insects, small mammals, and birds. They are about the size of a cat, but their energy and playfulness is the same as a very active dog. Fennec foxes agility and the height they can jump is more like a cat.

Fennec foxes are energetic 15% of the time, snuggly 20% of the time, and rest of the time they are asleep. Fennec foxes DO NOT calm down with age! Most fennec foxes loves to be petted and cuddled, but only when they get to know you. They are generally not afraid of strangers, and is friendly to everyone. Most people say that male fennecs are easier to take care of than female fennecs.

Fennec foxes have a lifespan of 10-16 years, so will be a wonderful choice for a pet, but you will have to coordinate with its barking and never tiring energy!




Fennec foxes have large ears to release heat.
Fennec foxes have large ears to release heat.
Fennec foxes are snuggly 20% of the time.
Fennec foxes are snuggly 20% of the time.