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Opinion Piece

Strawberries are red, strawberries are white…

By: Annie

The strawberry that everyone knows is red, and that’s true! But have you ever heard of strawberries that are white? Well, this article will introduce this fruit to you. This column will give you facts and details to the white strawberry and its history…

First of all, white strawberries are known as hatsukoi-no-kaori which is translated to “Scent of First Love,” and they are one of the hottest fruits in Japan. They are very sweet and rich in taste and have a very high sugar content that is about level 12, so they usually use these fruits in weddings or birthdays. However, these strawberries are not cheap, because each one would cost you $6 which is 180NT. This strawberry is white but the seeds are red, while strawberries are mostly red with yellow seeds.

Secondly, hatsukoi-no-kaori was developed in 2006, and up till now, they are still the worlds’ most expensive strawberry in the world. The texture of hatsukoi-no-kaori is soft and juicy. But now, we’re going to talk about why this fruit is so expensive and some information on the hatsukoi-no-kaori’s history. The person that created the hatsukoi-no-kaori is Miyoshi Agritech Co. in the Yamanashi prefecture. With some help from others, Miyoshi spent 10 years to make the hatsukoi-no-kaori, which he intended to make them as sweet as red strawberries. Because lots of consumers all loved the hatsukoi-no-kaori, the company said that can’t keep up with the production of the hatsukoi-no-kaori. They are still making them and trying hard to keep up producing them to sell, and that is why hatsukoi-no-kaori is so expensive.

In conclusion, this fruit is really remarkable because hatsukoi-no-kaoris are basically strawberries but in a different color. Technically, all fruits would change colors because they are exposed to air, but the hatsukoi-no-kaori is a complete different subject. It grows to be that color and intends on staying like that, the fruit itself is that color. For example, apples have two colors, red and green. That is their color, but when you cut it open, it starts to turn a bit yellowish. So the hatsukoi-no-kaori’s color is white with red seeds, and it won’t change no matter what.