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Opinion Piece

The Great Poseidon Horses!

By: Katelyn

Everyone knows what horses are. Horses are basically ponies but bigger. They can carry heavy loads, are fast runners, and are lovely companions. But where exactly did horses come from? Are they really created by Poseidon? Why did he create them?

According to Greek mythology, there are two versions to the story. The first version is that Poseidon created horses as a present for Demeter, the goddess of harvest. Poseidon, even though already married, wanted to win over Demeter, so made the most beautiful creature ever. He didn’t succeed the first time, but at last created the horse. However, Poseidon eventually lost interest in Demeter.

The second tale is about the naming rights to the city of Cecropia. It is said that Poseidon was competing with Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. The Greek gods decided that whoever produced the most useful gifts for humans would win the naming rights to the city. Poseidon then created the horse, tamed it, and taught the humans about horsemanship. Athena created an olive tree, and won the contest. The city Cecropia was then named Athens.

But are horses really created by Poseidon like mentioned in Greek mythology? Horses might actually be from nature, or like some Christian people say, horses are made by God and shaped out of mud. It is said that at the start of the world, God thought earth was too empty, so made one girl and one boy out of mud. He then breathed life into them, and thus started the human race. Are horses made the same way?

So, which one is the real one? Are horses created by Poseidon, made by nature, or created by God? In my opinion, I think that horses are made by nature, even though I don’t think anyone can figure out where the first horse came from. This question is just like the question, ” Did chickens come first, or did eggs come first?”

Opinion Piece

Legacy in the Names

By: Avalon

Greek mythology… What do you think when you hear these two words? Yeah, yeah, probably “OH! I know! It’s about those gods and the sparkling aura around them… The gods helping mortals….” But I am here to tell you, that this is WRONG!

Long ago, in the ancient lands of Greece, Greek heroes roamed the land, occasionally stopping by at the gods’ shrines to pray for good will. BUT, there is one thing you should know. Long, long, ago, BEFORE all those humans, BEFORE everything in the whole world, there were Gaea (earth), Uranus (sky), Chaos, Tartarus (the abyss), Eros (love), and many other big gods. They caused trouble everywhere they went since they were pretty cool and all, being immortal. Then they gave birth to all the Titans, Olympian gods (Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Hermes, etc.), and etc.

The humans (us) had to cope with fighting all the battles while the gods drank punch and lounged above them in the clouds. It seriously wasn’t fair. After years of shaping and changing, the mortals finally realized that the gods had to fight too. A huge war broke out between the Olympians and the Titans. This war lasted for a long time. It was called the Titanomachy (The Titan War). Lasting 10 years in Thessaly, the war was fought to decide which generation would have domain over the Universe.

Finally the Olympians won and they imprisoned the Titans in Tartarus… They took in the Hecatonchires and Cyclopes as allies. Zeus, (the bigger brother) divided the world into 3 parts. Zeus, sky and air. Poseidon sea and all waters. Hades, the realm of the Underworld.The earth was left to all the mortals as they pleased and the gods only intervened when there was trouble.

So now y’all know a lot about Greek Mythology and grow up to be a Greek philosopher! Just like Homer, who wrote the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Hesiod… Mythology is all very exciting, ALL kinds of mythology!!! If you have any free time, read a book! Any book! Reading or writing all relates to great works and great poems! (of mythology)