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Hopping on to Wallabies!

By Candace 



Have you ever heard of wallabies? Probably, but ever heard of having one for a pet? Wallabies are timid animals that require a lot of open space and diets rich in grass, leaves and some fruits, such as apples. They are great escape artists, and regular privacy fences are no match for them. You need to set a fence at least 1.5 meters tall (they can jump)  They are marsupials, which means they have a built in pouches for carrying their young. Wallabies are social animals, so it’s best to own a pair.

Is owning a wallaby good for you? Wallabies are not your typical pet, even harder to raise than dogs. Wallabies require a lot of space to roam around, so if you have a really huge backyard it would be better. Wallabies also do not house-train easily, and they are nocturnal. Unless YOU are nocturnal, too, it might not be a great idea to get a wallaby.

Wallabies might be seriously inconvenient for many families, but if you love Australian animals, pick the wallaby! Wallabies are cousins of the kangaroos, which means they can jump really high. This is a reason to get a really high fence for your backyard if you want to get one. You can save money on food for your wallaby, though! It’s easy to get food for your wallaby because their diet is mostly fruits and leaves.

In conclusion, wallabies are a great and cute pets.