Countdown: Annoying Friends

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Top 10 Annoying Things Best Friends Do

by Mary

10) Best friends usually hysterically giggle if the person you like is passing by.

9) If you ask your best friend “What was our homework?”, most of the time the answer would be “There was homework?!”

8) Best friends like to barge into YOUR kitchen and grab some food for themselves to eat. Then, they would turn around at you with an innocent face and ask “Do you want some?”

7) If you someday accidentally fall down on a straight spot, your best friend will first laugh for 10 minutes and then help you to get up.

6) While you are listening to music, your best friend will start asking you a bunch of question even so you clearly can’t hear them.

5) Many times, if your bestie asks you to borrow him/her a pen, don’t hope too much because they ¬†will probably forget to return it back.

4) If your best friends borrow your phone, be prepared because they will scavenge all your pictures.

3) After taking a test, if you try to ask your best friend what did they write for the last question, DON’T! Mainly, because best friends forget all their answers even if you all took the test just a minute ago.

2) Generally, if you ask your best friends to edit your work, they will just redo the whole thing.

1) And of course not on purpose, but all your best friends suddenly text or call you when you are in or about to go to the bathroom.