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Short Story: The Adventure in the Dark Forest

The Adventure in the Dark Forest

Long ago, two siblings were lost. Very lost. As in the-middle-of-nowhere lost. They only knew two things about their location: they were in a place called the “Dark Forest” and it was dark. Very, very, very dark.

“Why are we here again?” Jade, the younger sister asked.

“We’re lost while picking berries for mom! How many times do I have to tell you?” Ariel angrily answered.

Jade sighed and complained, “My legs hurt!,” but naturally, Ariel ignored her.

After a while of complains from Jade and sighs from Ariel, they finally gave in and stopped for a break.

“We should get some sleep.” Ariel advised.

Once Jade’s head hit the hay (they used black hay as the bedding; it was even black in the Dark Forest!) she fell into a deep sleep. Ariel shrugged and closed her eyes.

The next morning, Ariel woke up with something itchy in her ear. When she raised her hand to touch it, a fairy popped out. She was a little figure, small and delicate, wearing a dress made of leaves and a belt of flowers.

“Hi! I’m Trixie,” the fairy said. “You must be Ariel, sister of Jade?”

“Umm… Duh deeca,” muffled Ariel, startled. “Er… I mean of course!”

“If you need help, just touch your ear and I will come out immediately.” Trixie said.

“Why?” Ariel asked.

“Well… your ear helped me hide from the Witch of the Dark Forest. She wanted to catch me for her potion! Anyway, speaking of which, your sister was captured by Agatha, the witch. Bye!” And with a poof! Trixie disappeared.

“Wait, what?!” Ariel cried.

Indeed, Jade was nowhere to be found. Apparently, when Ariel was sleeping, Agatha captured Jade on her broom and flew away. Nobody saw them.

Meanwhile, Agatha arrived with Jade at her castle. Jade was screaming and crying but nobody heard her. After a few hours, Ariel got worried and rubbed her ear. The fairy flew out and asked:

“What do you need, Ariel?”

“Tell me the location of Jade and show me what she is doing right now.”

Trixie took out a magic mirror and told it to do all the things Ariel commanded.

The mirror said, “Jade is stuck in the witch’s castle,” and showed a picture of Jade. She was tied up and had an apple in her mouth. Ariel was shocked.

They started up the mountain that held up the sky, where Agatha lived. Finally, they approached the top of the mountain and went into the dark, spooky castle. Ariel accidentally stepped on a trap and a hundred (or so) poisonous swords shot out of the wall and she almost got hit by one of the swords!

“Oh my…” Ariel muttered.

Being careful not to trigger any more booby traps, Ariel rushed into the castle, searching for Jade.

“Nope, not here.” Ariel said as she searched the enormous and empty castle. “Sigh.”

As she turned to leave the empty room she heard a voice say, “Welcome, Ariel. Going somewhere?” Ariel turned and saw Agatha, the witch. She took a nearby broom and tried smashing it on Agatha’s head, but it was no use. She just disappeared and reappeared a little farther! As Agatha cackled, Ariel thought: Hey, maybe Agatha will melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz! So she grabbed a nearby bucket of water and splashed it on Agatha, and you know what? Agatha was afraid of water because her magic powers would disappear into thin air. She started to get weaker and weaker. At last, she died.

Ariel found Jade in the room next to them and tried to go back home.The journey back home was a whole other story. But for now…

The End (sort of)

Remember to look for the next story-The Journey Back Home

Poem: Cycle

By Crystal

Once upon a bicycle,

There was a little icycle,

Who liked to eat popsicles,

Even though he was an icycle!


Once upon a bicycle,

There was a little icycle,

Who knew how to ride a unicycle,

Even though he was an icycle!


Once upon a bicycle,

There was a little icycle,

Who’s best friend was a popsicle,

Even though he liked to EAT popsicles!