Who is Katelyn?


Katelyn, is a quiet girl currently at the school IBSH. She was born in Maryland, U.S.A on September 19th, 2002. She is now living in Hsinchu, Taiwan, but lived in Singapore for five years before that. Before going to Singapore, she lived in Germany for three years. Katelyn normally speaks Chinese at home. She spends almost all of her free time reading, and her favorite color is lavender purple. Katelyn is interested in journalism because she wants to learn more about writing articles, drawing comics, and designing a newspaper. One cool thing in Katelyn’s bucket list is wanting to read one million books in her whole life.


Articles by Katelyn:

Graduation Trip: A Roller Coaster Ride

IBSH Flea Market

HI-Five: My Favorite Book

Read ’til you drop: Books of 2014

Christmas Cheer!!

Taylor Swifts New Album: 1989

Foot Frenzy: IBSH Students’ Favorite Shoes

Peculiar Pets: Fennec Fox

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