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Graduation Trip: A Roller Coaster Ride

By Katelyn Chen

The destination of the 2015 IBSH 6th grade graduation trip was Nantou, and the students weren’t really looking forward to it. The trip had a rough start, with the tour guides screaming at us to keep quiet. We thought that the whole trip would be filled with adults giving strict rules. However, the trip was much better than we expected. Consequently, we had tons of fun.

When we got on the bus, we took out our phones and iPads expecting the tour guide to start playing a boring movie. Suddenly, Banana, the tour guide, started talking and playing games with us. We had to list cartoons, characters, things that are round, and many others. Those games distracted us from our electronics, and everyone enjoyed it.

We drove for about three hours to our first destination, the Grove Experience Factory. There was a tour guide that introduced us to the trains and surroundings, then brought us to the DIY place. We made a wooden stool, but it wasn’t as good as we expected. We only got to glue, screw and hammer things that were previously prepared, and draw with a frame they provided.

After leaving the Grove Experience Factory, we went to eat lunch at this big restaurant. Eight classes came to the graduation trip (including the Chinese side), so there was a lot of people in the restaurant. While we were eating it was very noisy, and the tour guides were very strict and we were not allowed to speak AT ALL while eating.

When we finally finished eating lunch, we were already one hour behind schedule. We walked to the Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park, and began a tour of the museum. A movie was played and we got to see real faults. It would have all been very interesting if we haven’t already went there during fourth grade field trip.

At last, we went to the hotel. Six people shared a room, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought. There were four beds, so some people could sleep by themselves. The beds were on the floor, and instead of being upset about that, we all got super excited and started jumping up and down on the bed. Then, it was dinner time.

Dinner was the same situation as lunch, but after the dinner, there was going to be a party. We thought it would be a lame, boring party, but it turned out to be a BONFIRE! We sang songs and held competitions, and two hours just seemed to fly by. In the end, the MC called some people up, and the air was deadly silent. Everyone was afraid they would get in trouble, and some people cried. The MC started talking about the things they did, and we thought the party would end on a sour note. Suddenly, the MC shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Everyone sighed in relief. Overall, the party was the best part of the trip.

Bonfire at the hotel
Bonfire at the hotel

The next day, we went to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. We went on the cable car, and though it was exciting at first, we soon got frustrated because it took up two hours of our time. After the cable car, we separated into groups and started playing. Alice, Winnie, Reiko, and I went on the Mayan Adventure, a roller coaster that turns 360º. After that, we went on the UFO, a ride that falls from a 28 story drop. Then we went to the indoor facilities and played Space Mountain, the Pirate Ship, Carousel, and others. When it was finally time to leave, it was pouring outside. There was a dude passing out raincoats, so I quickly grabbed one from him and went. We got back onto the bus and drove back to school.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Even though the graduation trip had lots of negative parts, the trip was still very fun, and we are all looking forward to the ninth grade graduation trip! 😀

Sweet Field Trip Memories

By Mary SY

The IBSH Sixth Grade Graduation Trip was a lot of fun for the students, who shared memorable and funny moments. Especially since all the students had to share rooms, which gave them an opportunity to share time together. Here are some of the most weird and funny moments from the graduation trip.

4. Water Splash

When it was time to check-in, a group of silly girls rushed to their rooms. They put their bags on the floor and proceeded to checking how well the equipment works. A girl named Katelyn walked into the bathroom to check if the hot water works properly. She walked into the shower and turned on the faucet. Unfortunately, the showering head faced directly at poor Katelyn, and as she turned it on, it sprayed water all over her. Katelyn was surprised by the water and the water poured all over her face and clothes. After that, Katelyn quickly shut the door. Luckily, a brave girl named Mary rushed into the bathroom and turned of the water.

3. Girls Who Went “Bananas”

During the late evening, girls were pranking their friends. They were shining lights in other’s windows, knocking on doors, and bothering everyone. However, a 6A girl decided to do something extra special. She was wondering around, and suddenly noticed a banana. She picked up the banana, and rushed to the room close to the end of the hallway. She waited for someone to open the door, and when the opportunity came, she threw the disgusting banana inside the girl’s room. The girls in the room with the banana were freaking out! Then, one of the girls walked right on the banana and slipped, getting her pajamas dirty. In the end, they calmed down, restoring everything back to peace.

2. Prank Failure

While the other kids were quietly sleeping in their own rooms, some girls named Hina and Annie were playing around. Apparently, the girl were trying to call their tour guide, who had an unusual name in Chinese, which translated to English as “Banana.” As the two friends were trying to dial the number, they were distracted by the noise in the other room. As the girls returned their attention to the phone, they dialed a completely wrong number without realizing it.  On the other side of the phone, the person picked up the call. As the girls asked if that is Banana, the man replied with a confused “huh?” As the girls continued asking the same question, they finally noticed that was the wrong number, and apologized to the person. But who knows? Maybe the man was actually Banana, and he was prancing the girls?

1. When Stories Are Too Scary

While some kids fell asleep early, others were telling ghost stories late into the night. In one of the rooms, Ashley from 6A was telling a scary story to her fellow roommates. The girls were listening in complete darkness, which made the story even creepier. As Ashley said the final line, the tension built up.

” Then she asked, who killed you?” whispered Ashley. The girls were silent. After a little pause, Ashley finally said:

” You!” One of the girls screamed with terror. She rolled up in her blanket, and as the other fell asleep, she couldn’t manage to get the story out of her head. A few minutes later, the girl found herself the only one not sleeping in the room. She tried to wake up Ashley to help her, but the Ashley was fast asleep. Suddenly, Ashley turned around with a flashlight shining on her, while making a weird face. The girl was terrified and screamed once more. Eventually, the girl fell asleep as well, but that story will never leave her head.

Fabulous Singing Team: A Capella Performance

A Capella Performance Review

By: Mary

On Wednesday, March 18, an A Capella performance took place in the school gym of IBSH (International Bilingual School Hsinchu). The performance took place at 14:20, and everyone from both IBSH and NEHS attended the event. The performance was about two hours long, and even though the performers were all from Taiwan, they still sang different English pop hits such as “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, “Price Tag” by Jessie J. and others. In addition to that, the performers showed videos with A Capella performances from other countries like Australia, England, and the United States. There was also an activity for all the students, where the audience had to sing and clap their hands accordingly.

However, because of the disciplinarian from the Chinese side , the show started on a rather sad note. The woman was a teacher, and was extremely strict and mean. She screamed at the students like they were military soldiers, speaking in a very cold and rude tone. It took her fifteen minutes straight to explain to the audience that there would be absolutely no talking, whispering, laughing, or any kind of communication with their teacher or their neighbors. Moreover, the woman mentioned how there could be absolutely no sound heard from anyone, and if there was, that person would be severely punished with community service and their whole class would have to leave. Despite all that sorrow, when the show started, everyone was amazed by the performers’ beautiful voices.

“The performance was awesome, but there was too much unnecessary information about other A Capella shows that they mentioned.” says Katelyn, an IBSH sixth grader.

“I want more shows like this one; it was great!” Kelly, another 6th grader from IBSH says. As expected, the show was stunning, and the audience couldn’t believe how soft and sweet the singers’ voices were. I personally thought that I have never seen nor heard anything better than this show; even the teachers liked the show! I hope that in the future, our school will hold more shows like this to entertain and inspire the students.

Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

The Royal Son to the Rescue!

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools By: Philip Caveney

By Mary SY

Darke: Prince of Fools by Philip Caveney, was published Random House in January 4, 2007. It is 272 pages of fantasy and adventure and perfect for children ages 10 to 14. This book takes place in Keladon, a magical land ruled by Princess Kerin, who is in danger of losing the throne. Fortunately, a young boy named Sebastian Darke intends to save the Princess, and together with friends find out who is behind all the misfortune in the kingdom. However, King Septimus, the king of the neighbor kingdom, intends to stop Darke and destroy Keladon.

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools has great development of the characters, both protagonists and antagonists. Each character starts his own adventure and learns a lesson through out the whole story. Not only the characters are taught to trust each other, but they also understand the importance of teamwork and friendship. But, don’t worry, you’ll definitely learn a great, valuable lesson!

The characters are described very attractive, in fact,
The characters are described very attractive, in fact, Princess Kerin is described to have the beauty of an angel.

Prince of Fools has very descriptive vocabulary. Each words gives a very precise description of what is going, and the reader can easily identify what is going on. However, it leaves rooms for imagination too! The words create a picture of the setting and overall events, yet it depends on the reader to work out the details.

Prince of Fools is a book for people who like to read thick, long books, yet anyone who wants can enjoy it.

3-HiFive   You will definitely how Prince of Fools has a creative story and great details in the plot. Nowadays, not many books out there include an actual princess being rescued! And even so the book is a bit confusing, the plot itself explains the story to the reader even if he doesn’t understand it.

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools has plot that isn’t similar to any other book I have read, it ‘s amazing!

2-HiFive   Even so this book is quite long, Prince of Fools is very easy to read. At first while reading the book, you will find the vocabulary hard, but later, you will love how easily readable it is. After you finish one chapter, you will just want to read more and more!

This book is so fun and easy to read, even a small child would enjoy it!

1-HiFive   I love how the author of Prince of Fools created each character is completely different from the others. Every one of them is unique and their back stories will fascinate you! You will fall in love with the main character – he is brave, easy-going, and completely hilarious!

caveney, philip
This is the author of the Sebastian Darke Series- Philip Caveney.

Opinion Piece

Anime Clutter!

By: Mary

There are different types of animation in the world, but anime is one of the most popular types of animation. It is not only popular in Japan, but is also well-known in USA, Russia, and other countries. Yet, what exactly makes anime so popular? Keep reading to find out more!

The first thing that makes anime so special is the great art. Anime is known for the very detailed drawing of eyes, and anime eyes can be drawn in many different styles. But it is not only about the eyes! The settings of every good anime are drawn very detailed and beautiful. In addition, the clothes of the characters are drawn stylish and cute. These characteristics make the art of the animation great!

Secondly, the plot and the story of almost every Japanese animation is breathtaking and interesting. Every anime’s plot differs from the other, and yet the creators can still think of more. The plot can have the most shocking endings. Also, lots of anime likes to add a little bit of magic to the plot, which makes it even cooler! The themes of the plot vary in names and ideas, and some of the most poplar ones are: school life, comedy, and action fighting.

Finally, anime is great because of the variety of different characters. As you may already know, anime characters are very different in appearance. They can have different hair color, different skin color, different style , or different height. In addition, anime characters  have all sorts of different personality, just like real people! They can be mean (tsundere) but sweet, cute (deredere), or cool (kuuderel). The characters’ can act just like us, which is very entertaining to watch!

In the end, we have a conclusion. Anime is very popular due to its amazing and cute art style. It is also well-known of its twisting plot. Lastly, the characters are just so different and interesting, they attract you to watch the anime! Now, after hearing all this, don’t you want to start watching anime too?

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Drama trouble?

By: Crystal

   Are you trying to put on a play? Well this article can make your life easier! There are actually a lot of kinds of plays. Keep reading to learn more.

   Drama comes in many kinds. Drama includes plays, TV shows, musical theater and many more. If you are choosing a play, you can choose between tragedy, comedy or historical. Tragedy is a play that something unfortunate happens and the ending is sad. A comedy is the complete opposite. A historical is about something that has happened in the past. Another part is costumes. Costumes have to fit the characters. Like for Cinderella, you can’t make her wear a gown when she’s cleaning.

    To jazz up your play, you can add some songs or special effects. You may consider some plays of Shakespeare and other famous playwrights. Simple stories can also become a play. With some simple adjustments, you can turn it into your own.  If you like writing stories, you can write your own play! Just add some actions, effects, lines and …..presto! you’ve got a play. As you can see, choosing a play is actually quite easy.

     If you are acting, you need to have emotion. Emotion and actions are what brings the character to life. You can’t just recite a whole line with a robotic voice. It would be boring and the audience would fall to sleep. In conclusion, you have to be sure you add feeling to your lines.

    In conclusion, plays are easy to make if you know the ropes. If you have a play to make or acting part, you must have emotion!

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The Great Poseidon Horses!

By: Katelyn

Everyone knows what horses are. Horses are basically ponies but bigger. They can carry heavy loads, are fast runners, and are lovely companions. But where exactly did horses come from? Are they really created by Poseidon? Why did he create them?

According to Greek mythology, there are two versions to the story. The first version is that Poseidon created horses as a present for Demeter, the goddess of harvest. Poseidon, even though already married, wanted to win over Demeter, so made the most beautiful creature ever. He didn’t succeed the first time, but at last created the horse. However, Poseidon eventually lost interest in Demeter.

The second tale is about the naming rights to the city of Cecropia. It is said that Poseidon was competing with Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. The Greek gods decided that whoever produced the most useful gifts for humans would win the naming rights to the city. Poseidon then created the horse, tamed it, and taught the humans about horsemanship. Athena created an olive tree, and won the contest. The city Cecropia was then named Athens.

But are horses really created by Poseidon like mentioned in Greek mythology? Horses might actually be from nature, or like some Christian people say, horses are made by God and shaped out of mud. It is said that at the start of the world, God thought earth was too empty, so made one girl and one boy out of mud. He then breathed life into them, and thus started the human race. Are horses made the same way?

So, which one is the real one? Are horses created by Poseidon, made by nature, or created by God? In my opinion, I think that horses are made by nature, even though I don’t think anyone can figure out where the first horse came from. This question is just like the question, ” Did chickens come first, or did eggs come first?”

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Animals in IBSH?

By: Hina

Every twist and turn, you see an animal. What is this place? Are we in a zoo? Actually, we are in our own school; the only difference is the living creatures that are roaming around. Instead of students on the streets, we see animals. This day is a very special day/event for our school because on this particular sunday, we get to see our animal protector Jane Goodall.

The first thing that makes this day special is because we get to see Jane Goodall. She knows everything about chimpanzees and even wrote books from her observations. She is indeed not so young, but she is determined to save her lovely animals from getting extinct. When we dress up as animals, we are showing how much we care about animals and how much we want to save them. We walked around while we pretended to act like that particular creature.

The second reason why this sunday is special is because we do not need to learn anything. Instead, we get to walk around without needing to worry about cars because they can’t come in this area. This is actually a one and only school/week day where we don’t need to take a test. Which means that we could relax even if it is 3 days before the midterms. We don’t need to learn school related topics, but we could learn some information of Jane Goodall by listening to her fantastic and educated speech about her plan how we can help animals .

The third reason why it is such a big event for IBSH is because this doesn’t happen every year. She might not come back next year because she might not have time and she will have to take a lot of energy because as people age, they can’t travel very often because your back might hurt. IBSH is honored to have her come to IBSH because Taiwan has many schools but instead of choosing Taipei or other big cities, she chose Hsinchu Science park to be her entertainer.

Having Jane Goodall coming here is very rare and you might not even see her for a second time. Even if you think that this event is useless and it doesn’t help us in anyway, it does. Its not just about how much fun you are having in whatever event. Its the part where you could feel. By going to a parade, you learn to be an animal and maybe you can be an animal when you grow up because technically, we are animals. What animal do you want to be?

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 Exo-Suits in the military

By: Tommy

In the movies and games, such as Robocop, Advanced Warfare, Edge of Tomorrow, there are always people wearing special suits that could make them jump higher, hold objects that are heavier than them, and suits that could make you faster, but was that suit real?

From the 20th century until now people are building exo-suits that could be able to accomplish those tasks. An exo suit or an exoskeleton is a wearable robot that assists human. The suits are developed for military and medical uses. For now, the exo suits can only make people stronger and faster. There is the Sarcon/Raytheon XOS exoskeleton that can allow the wearer to lift 90 kilograms with little or no effort. The American military believed that in the future the soldiers would all wear exo-suits.

Japan also made the Hybrid Assistive Limb or the Honda Exoskeleton Legs that is used for an extra electronical hand or a leg that can be comfortable than having none. There are also exoskeletons that nurses wear to lift and carry patients.

I think that it is cool to have exo suits. I always thought exo suits will be impossible to invent and are only available future technologies, but there could be futuristic inventions that people never thought of before.

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Strawberries are red, strawberries are white…

By: Annie

The strawberry that everyone knows is red, and that’s true! But have you ever heard of strawberries that are white? Well, this article will introduce this fruit to you. This column will give you facts and details to the white strawberry and its history…

First of all, white strawberries are known as hatsukoi-no-kaori which is translated to “Scent of First Love,” and they are one of the hottest fruits in Japan. They are very sweet and rich in taste and have a very high sugar content that is about level 12, so they usually use these fruits in weddings or birthdays. However, these strawberries are not cheap, because each one would cost you $6 which is 180NT. This strawberry is white but the seeds are red, while strawberries are mostly red with yellow seeds.

Secondly, hatsukoi-no-kaori was developed in 2006, and up till now, they are still the worlds’ most expensive strawberry in the world. The texture of hatsukoi-no-kaori is soft and juicy. But now, we’re going to talk about why this fruit is so expensive and some information on the hatsukoi-no-kaori’s history. The person that created the hatsukoi-no-kaori is Miyoshi Agritech Co. in the Yamanashi prefecture. With some help from others, Miyoshi spent 10 years to make the hatsukoi-no-kaori, which he intended to make them as sweet as red strawberries. Because lots of consumers all loved the hatsukoi-no-kaori, the company said that can’t keep up with the production of the hatsukoi-no-kaori. They are still making them and trying hard to keep up producing them to sell, and that is why hatsukoi-no-kaori is so expensive.

In conclusion, this fruit is really remarkable because hatsukoi-no-kaoris are basically strawberries but in a different color. Technically, all fruits would change colors because they are exposed to air, but the hatsukoi-no-kaori is a complete different subject. It grows to be that color and intends on staying like that, the fruit itself is that color. For example, apples have two colors, red and green. That is their color, but when you cut it open, it starts to turn a bit yellowish. So the hatsukoi-no-kaori’s color is white with red seeds, and it won’t change no matter what.