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Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

A Small, Cute Secret Weapon

War Dog by Damien Lewis

By Jasper Chuang

There are 368 pages in total, and the genre is fiction.


Book summary:

Shot down behind the German lines during World War 2, Robert, a twenty years old aircrew serving the Allies, found Ant (later named Antis) in a farm. One morning, Robert and Pierre left the house. Shortly after leaving, they heard Antis howling. Robert had to make him be quiet; his first thought was killing Antis with a knife, but then after making a choice, he took Antis as a pet. After that, Antis started going on the air with his “dad”(Robert.)

One of the reasons I like the book is that Antis has a secret, super weapon: hearing bombers sent from the Germans during World War 2.


I find war in Europe fascinating. Thus, I like the book because it took place during war in Europe. In the airfield, where Robert and Antis live, they “exchange” bombing raids.

The third thing I like this book is that Robert sneaks Antis to places where dogs are not allowed. When he was a puppy, Robert could snuck him in a suitcase when he was on a ship.


Then, the fourth thing I like this book is that the author always use a adorable way to tell how Antis cheer Robert up. It can even be funny!


The last thing I like this book is that the “hero” (Antis) gets the Dickens Award for the sharp hearings and warnings that told the base trouble was coming.


At the ending was pretty sad because Antis died of disease. After that, Robert vowed to never get another dog.

Graduation Trip: How much freedom did the teachers allow?

By Crystal

Teachers and adult chaperones often worry about the safety of students, thus resulting in less freedom. However, this is the GRADUATION trip we are talking about. The students are 12 years old! To some people, the graduation trip is to get away from parents and well… to become mature. The chaperones were protective and gave us a curfew of 10:30pm; right after shower time. Consequently, most people didn’t get to hang out or have a pillow fight with friends.

To understand the situation more clearly, The Lemur polled 20 students on how much freedom they received, on a scale of 1~10, with 1 being the least,

While 10% chose 1 and 5% chose 2, no one chose 3 or 4 and 2 people chose 5 and 15% chose 6. The most popular number was 7, with 30% of the votes. 15% chose 8 and 9 and no one chose ten. Apparently the chaperones didn’t give enough freedom worthy of a “10.”

In conclusion, students should have more free time to enjoy themselves on graduation trips. Maybe the school will let the following graduates have more freedom.

graph copy

Thoughts & Comments: Boys on Grad Trip

 By William Wang


James’ 1st day “ I thought everything was okay but it was too hot and I wanted to stay indoors with AC.” James’ 2nd day “ It was very fun because of the roller coasters, but I couldn’t ride everyone of them because of the big rain.”
Jackie’s 1st day “I thought it was every fun because we get to build a chair, but I wanted to continue stay indoors because outside was too hot.” Jackie’s 2nd day “The roller coaster was so fun and the Turkish ice cream was very delicious, I actually ate four of them.”
Shawn’s Yin 1st day “It was very fun, especially the DIY and prank calling other rooms but the bad part is that my friend Lowell couldn’t eat a lot of food because it was mostly seafood.” Shawn Yin’s 2nd day “It was also very fun but I was sad that my friend Lowell couldn’t ride the scary ones because he slept too late.”
Joy Chen’s  1st day “The first day was fun because we get to have a pillow fight that lasted 2 hours and play iphone for 4 hours, but I thought the guide was very creepy because she keeps on drawing other people’s faces while getting the wrong answer.” Joy Chen’s 2nd day “The second day was more fun than the first day because I rode on a lot of scary ride and it was fun in the amusement park. The turkish ice cream in the amusement park was also very good. I ate it upside down, but the negative side is that I couldn’t go on some of the rides because I felt uncomfortable.”
William Wang’s 1st day “ The fun part in the first day is that I had a pillow fight with my roommates and we pranked call other rooms. One of the rooms even believed us about getting pizza. But the bad part is that I kept on sweating because it was too hot so I felt very uncomfortable about the sweat.” William Wang’s 2nd day “The second day was also very fun, we want to an amusement park and I went on the scariest rides in the park but I was kind of sad that the trip ended.”

Graduation Trip: A Roller Coaster Ride

By Katelyn Chen

The destination of the 2015 IBSH 6th grade graduation trip was Nantou, and the students weren’t really looking forward to it. The trip had a rough start, with the tour guides screaming at us to keep quiet. We thought that the whole trip would be filled with adults giving strict rules. However, the trip was much better than we expected. Consequently, we had tons of fun.

When we got on the bus, we took out our phones and iPads expecting the tour guide to start playing a boring movie. Suddenly, Banana, the tour guide, started talking and playing games with us. We had to list cartoons, characters, things that are round, and many others. Those games distracted us from our electronics, and everyone enjoyed it.

We drove for about three hours to our first destination, the Grove Experience Factory. There was a tour guide that introduced us to the trains and surroundings, then brought us to the DIY place. We made a wooden stool, but it wasn’t as good as we expected. We only got to glue, screw and hammer things that were previously prepared, and draw with a frame they provided.

After leaving the Grove Experience Factory, we went to eat lunch at this big restaurant. Eight classes came to the graduation trip (including the Chinese side), so there was a lot of people in the restaurant. While we were eating it was very noisy, and the tour guides were very strict and we were not allowed to speak AT ALL while eating.

When we finally finished eating lunch, we were already one hour behind schedule. We walked to the Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park, and began a tour of the museum. A movie was played and we got to see real faults. It would have all been very interesting if we haven’t already went there during fourth grade field trip.

At last, we went to the hotel. Six people shared a room, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought. There were four beds, so some people could sleep by themselves. The beds were on the floor, and instead of being upset about that, we all got super excited and started jumping up and down on the bed. Then, it was dinner time.

Dinner was the same situation as lunch, but after the dinner, there was going to be a party. We thought it would be a lame, boring party, but it turned out to be a BONFIRE! We sang songs and held competitions, and two hours just seemed to fly by. In the end, the MC called some people up, and the air was deadly silent. Everyone was afraid they would get in trouble, and some people cried. The MC started talking about the things they did, and we thought the party would end on a sour note. Suddenly, the MC shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Everyone sighed in relief. Overall, the party was the best part of the trip.

Bonfire at the hotel
Bonfire at the hotel

The next day, we went to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. We went on the cable car, and though it was exciting at first, we soon got frustrated because it took up two hours of our time. After the cable car, we separated into groups and started playing. Alice, Winnie, Reiko, and I went on the Mayan Adventure, a roller coaster that turns 360º. After that, we went on the UFO, a ride that falls from a 28 story drop. Then we went to the indoor facilities and played Space Mountain, the Pirate Ship, Carousel, and others. When it was finally time to leave, it was pouring outside. There was a dude passing out raincoats, so I quickly grabbed one from him and went. We got back onto the bus and drove back to school.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Even though the graduation trip had lots of negative parts, the trip was still very fun, and we are all looking forward to the ninth grade graduation trip! 😀

Sweet Field Trip Memories

By Mary SY

The IBSH Sixth Grade Graduation Trip was a lot of fun for the students, who shared memorable and funny moments. Especially since all the students had to share rooms, which gave them an opportunity to share time together. Here are some of the most weird and funny moments from the graduation trip.

4. Water Splash

When it was time to check-in, a group of silly girls rushed to their rooms. They put their bags on the floor and proceeded to checking how well the equipment works. A girl named Katelyn walked into the bathroom to check if the hot water works properly. She walked into the shower and turned on the faucet. Unfortunately, the showering head faced directly at poor Katelyn, and as she turned it on, it sprayed water all over her. Katelyn was surprised by the water and the water poured all over her face and clothes. After that, Katelyn quickly shut the door. Luckily, a brave girl named Mary rushed into the bathroom and turned of the water.

3. Girls Who Went “Bananas”

During the late evening, girls were pranking their friends. They were shining lights in other’s windows, knocking on doors, and bothering everyone. However, a 6A girl decided to do something extra special. She was wondering around, and suddenly noticed a banana. She picked up the banana, and rushed to the room close to the end of the hallway. She waited for someone to open the door, and when the opportunity came, she threw the disgusting banana inside the girl’s room. The girls in the room with the banana were freaking out! Then, one of the girls walked right on the banana and slipped, getting her pajamas dirty. In the end, they calmed down, restoring everything back to peace.

2. Prank Failure

While the other kids were quietly sleeping in their own rooms, some girls named Hina and Annie were playing around. Apparently, the girl were trying to call their tour guide, who had an unusual name in Chinese, which translated to English as “Banana.” As the two friends were trying to dial the number, they were distracted by the noise in the other room. As the girls returned their attention to the phone, they dialed a completely wrong number without realizing it.  On the other side of the phone, the person picked up the call. As the girls asked if that is Banana, the man replied with a confused “huh?” As the girls continued asking the same question, they finally noticed that was the wrong number, and apologized to the person. But who knows? Maybe the man was actually Banana, and he was prancing the girls?

1. When Stories Are Too Scary

While some kids fell asleep early, others were telling ghost stories late into the night. In one of the rooms, Ashley from 6A was telling a scary story to her fellow roommates. The girls were listening in complete darkness, which made the story even creepier. As Ashley said the final line, the tension built up.

” Then she asked, who killed you?” whispered Ashley. The girls were silent. After a little pause, Ashley finally said:

” You!” One of the girls screamed with terror. She rolled up in her blanket, and as the other fell asleep, she couldn’t manage to get the story out of her head. A few minutes later, the girl found herself the only one not sleeping in the room. She tried to wake up Ashley to help her, but the Ashley was fast asleep. Suddenly, Ashley turned around with a flashlight shining on her, while making a weird face. The girl was terrified and screamed once more. Eventually, the girl fell asleep as well, but that story will never leave her head.

Comment Parade: Graduation Trip

By Lexi

  • “The curfew was SO early!” screamed Crystal, 6B. “We didn’t have enough time to have a proper pillow fight!”

  • “The graduation trip was awesome, but the amusement park had too little rides. ” Katelyn, 6A said solemnly.

  • “The desserts were lame.  I expected more brownies, cupcakes, and cake,” complained Hina from 6A.

  • “I really liked the hotel rooms. The mattresses were really cool because they were placed on the ground and the wood plastered walls and ground made the room feel relaxed.” said Annie from 6A.

  • “At the campfire, the music and lights were too blaring loud and after I screamed for 1 hour, I couldn’t talk anymore.” said Katelyn, 6A.

  • “I ALMOST BARFED AFTER I RODE THE UFO!” screamed Kelly from 6A.  “It felt like my heart was blasting out of my body and I was weightless when I fell!”

  • “I wish the amusement park had more food choices. There were only Taiwanese food and a few Western styled food such as hot dogs and french fries.” said Lexi from 6A. “I just wish there were pizzas and mac n’ cheese…”

Graduation Trip: The Worst Rides

By Chris Wang 

Space mountain: IIII
Gold mine: I
Maya rollercoaster:
Pirate Ship: III
Jurassic Cruise: IIIIIIIIIII

According to the poll above, 11 out of 19 people disliked the Jurassic Cruise, making it the #1 Worst Ride at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Theme Park. The main reason seemed to be, not the ride was lame, but that in comparison with the other rides it became lame. Perhaps, younger students or the elderly would have enjoyed it more.

“The Jurassic Cruise smells like urine and is really stupid.”

-Pierre Merigot.


“It was for preschoolers.”

-Tommy Kim.


“This thing was like a dying slug, and it smelled like the dinosaurs were doused in chlorine beforehand …”

-Nathan Wang.


“It was plain boring.”

-Shannon Van.

Hotel Review: Sleeping in the Wilderness

“Better than I had expected” -Tommy, 6A

Atayal Resort, Taiwan *** out of ****

By Jasper Chuang

     Atayal Resort, where 6th graders slept during the graduation trip, appeared to be nothing more than small cramped cabins. Although, many students said that it was cozy. However, they enjoyed themselves so much like monkeys, that the noise was not contained within the wooden walls. Thus, several students complained about the volume. In addition, many complained that the temperature in the cabins was very high, which most likely disturbed students’ sleep.

An example of an Atayal cabin, before the monkeys arrived.

Should the graduation trip be educational?

By Candace Lin

Many teachers say that the graduation trip should be educational, claiming that it’s learning, just out of school. But most students disagree with this logic. Why should the trip be educational? It’s a time for us to enjoy two fun and relaxing days, learn more about our classmates, and most of all, celebrate the end of elementary school.

Unfortunately, the graduation trip has passed and the “non-education” idea cannot be used in this year’s graduation trip for the 6th graders. But this change can still be made for the graduates to come. No student in his/her right mind would want a whole two-day trip of learning that makes the brain leak with boredom. The graduation trip is a time for us to have fun, before we get too old, since graduating means going into a higher grade.

If we just have “school” for the trip, it won’t really be a graduation celebration anymore. If it weren’t educational, we could take our minds off school for a couple days and live our life like it should be done. If our graduation trip is educational, it’ll be just like school, except for we aren’t limited to our own desk. It will be boring for students: countless touring, learning about Taiwan’s culture… we wouldn’t have the spirit to talk to each other or think properly. Even if we did listen to the guide, most of the information wouldn’t stick to our heads. If it did, there wouldn’t be too much we could do with it. If it weren’t educational, we could learn more about each other and have a great trip.

Lastly, the graduation trip is for showing that we are graduating, meaning graduating from school. Graduating means to complete a step or grade in school, so if our trip is educational, we aren’t really having a trip to graduate from school; we’re having it to progress in school – and progressing in school isn’t really celebrating the end of school. In fact, it’s not really a trip anymore, it’s more like a working trip. Translated, that’s just like a business trip, but for elementary students. It sounds demented, but if it’s educational, then that’s what the graduation trip really is: a trip for work.

Conclusively, the graduation shouldn’t be educational, in order for us to have a great two days. We can also learn more about other classmates we don’t normally talk to, and finally, be ourselves.

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