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Cats or Dogs: The Everlasting Fight

By: Candace

Many people like dogs in my class. Less than 5 people favor cats more than dogs. But are dogs all that good? The fact is that more people in the world own cats than dogs. In fact, cats are the second most popular pet under fish. About 86 million people own cats and only 78 million own dogs. That’s still a lot, but there’s that big difference!

Why do more people own cats than dogs? In my opinion, there are many reasons. One might be because average cats cost less than dogs. To tell the truth I think more older people own cats because cats are great and loving companions. They are also easier to take care of and don’t need to be taken for walks. Cats are always quieter than dogs, too. Of course, cats can help take care of rodents in the house.

Cats are cute animals in so many reasons, and there are many! Cats actually have manners. Everyone knows that most dogs run around barking and yapping when they see something new. Cats are more cautious and wait until they know it’s safe. Cats also smell better than dogs because they groom themselves most of the time. Dogs don’t care if they’re dirty or not.

Cats are much more careful with their belongings. Have you ever seen a dog’s toys? They are normally in tatters, unless they’ve been swallowed. Entertaining a cat is more easier, too. Cats are more generous than dogs. Lastly, cats can be easily read. They purr and hiss. Another way to tell how they’re feeling is their tail and their fur. An upright tail and not bristled fur means a friendly cat. A tail at rest with tip curved up means a happy cat. A curved tail with a moving tip is an annoyed cat. A tail whipping back and forth is telling you to stay away. And an upright tail with fully bristled fur is your attacking cat.

These are the many reasons why cats are way better than dogs. They’re easier to take care of and more loving and gentle. So many people own more cats than dogs, since they’re more advantaged than dogs. Much, much more!

Spooky Times

By: LiT

  Over the centuries, there have been many sightings of ghosts in many haunted places. People claim that they have seen ghostly figures floating around.  But one question remains. Are ghosts real? Are the hundreds of pictures enough?  Does the large mass of witnesses prove anything?  Let’s us find out.

  Some people believe in ghosts, some don’t.  Why is that?  Evidences that shows ghosts exist include photographs, recordings, and witnesses.  Many of these can be faked, but that doesn’t it isn’t genuine. What does?  Pictures can be faked through Photoshop and other online apps, but many pictures were taken before these gadgets were invented. Yes, some pictures are fake, but some just don’t seem to be.  How else can you explain the see through people and animals floating around?  And a dead person suddenly appearing in a picture? But how about recordings?  Those can simply be people talking, or actually eerie sounds.  It pretty much impossible to prove either way, so let’s put that aside for now.  And now for witnesses.  People can lie most definitely, so unless someone tested them, with a lie detector, we don’t know for sure.  But there is also the simple matter of children, young kids in particular.  A kid don’t usually lie, unless they know they did something they are not supposed to.  But why will they lie about ghosts?  Though not a lot of kids have sighted ghosts, but some had, and that kind of proves their existence.

  How about the evidences that proves ghosts don’t exist?  First, why do ghosts hang around anyway?  Secondly, the “orbs” are simply just reflections of light from the camera.  Lot of pictures have it, and many people are sensible enough not to go shouting that they caught a ghost on camera.  Also, when people die, they just disappear.  How do they even come back?  How come they seem to float and walk through walls? How come they wear clothes?  If a  human die, the ghost should come back in the shape of the human, not wearing some random clothes. Why do ghosts stick around anyway.  Some ghosts are people whom committed suicide.  If they are in such a hurry to leave, why don’t they just leave? There’s also the simple matter that ghosts simply can’t exist because they would have come out to speak with us.  They don’t seem to mind secrecy a lot, so why don’t them just show themselves and explain everything?

  Scientist are the most common people whom put their feet down when told about ghosts.  “It just a hallucination.”  “You imagined it.”  “Just a figment of imagination.  You aren’t fully awake yet.”  They say that the brain are just showing you things, that you are in the middle of conscious and unconscious, and reality and imagination blends together.  But some scientist actually believes in ghosts.  It just no proof have been offered yet.

  So in conclusion, I don’t think that we have enough evidence on either side to triumph over.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Opinion Piece

Drama trouble?

By: Crystal

   Are you trying to put on a play? Well this article can make your life easier! There are actually a lot of kinds of plays. Keep reading to learn more.

   Drama comes in many kinds. Drama includes plays, TV shows, musical theater and many more. If you are choosing a play, you can choose between tragedy, comedy or historical. Tragedy is a play that something unfortunate happens and the ending is sad. A comedy is the complete opposite. A historical is about something that has happened in the past. Another part is costumes. Costumes have to fit the characters. Like for Cinderella, you can’t make her wear a gown when she’s cleaning.

    To jazz up your play, you can add some songs or special effects. You may consider some plays of Shakespeare and other famous playwrights. Simple stories can also become a play. With some simple adjustments, you can turn it into your own.  If you like writing stories, you can write your own play! Just add some actions, effects, lines and …..presto! you’ve got a play. As you can see, choosing a play is actually quite easy.

     If you are acting, you need to have emotion. Emotion and actions are what brings the character to life. You can’t just recite a whole line with a robotic voice. It would be boring and the audience would fall to sleep. In conclusion, you have to be sure you add feeling to your lines.

    In conclusion, plays are easy to make if you know the ropes. If you have a play to make or acting part, you must have emotion!

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The Great Poseidon Horses!

By: Katelyn

Everyone knows what horses are. Horses are basically ponies but bigger. They can carry heavy loads, are fast runners, and are lovely companions. But where exactly did horses come from? Are they really created by Poseidon? Why did he create them?

According to Greek mythology, there are two versions to the story. The first version is that Poseidon created horses as a present for Demeter, the goddess of harvest. Poseidon, even though already married, wanted to win over Demeter, so made the most beautiful creature ever. He didn’t succeed the first time, but at last created the horse. However, Poseidon eventually lost interest in Demeter.

The second tale is about the naming rights to the city of Cecropia. It is said that Poseidon was competing with Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. The Greek gods decided that whoever produced the most useful gifts for humans would win the naming rights to the city. Poseidon then created the horse, tamed it, and taught the humans about horsemanship. Athena created an olive tree, and won the contest. The city Cecropia was then named Athens.

But are horses really created by Poseidon like mentioned in Greek mythology? Horses might actually be from nature, or like some Christian people say, horses are made by God and shaped out of mud. It is said that at the start of the world, God thought earth was too empty, so made one girl and one boy out of mud. He then breathed life into them, and thus started the human race. Are horses made the same way?

So, which one is the real one? Are horses created by Poseidon, made by nature, or created by God? In my opinion, I think that horses are made by nature, even though I don’t think anyone can figure out where the first horse came from. This question is just like the question, ” Did chickens come first, or did eggs come first?”