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Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

A Romantic Relationship; a Dangerous World

Divergent by Veronica Roth

By Hina Yu

Divergent book cover Did you read Divergent? Did you know that it was based on The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner?  Divergent was published in 2011 by Harper Collins; written by Veronica Roth, a New York Time’s best-selling author. This young-adult dystopian novel is full of adventure.  Divergent is suitable for readers aged 14 to 18. This book is about 16-year-old girl Tris that has a decision in the choosing ceremony, a ceremony where you decide on a faction. But little does she know that there will be danger ahead. Can she fight this danger? Or will her life end?

Please help us by commenting down below what you thought of the book. If you haven’t read it yet, you should!



This book has an interesting  plot. The main plot in this book is about a faction (group) that invades another. I’v read many, many books, but have never went across a book where someone or something attacks the other. This attracted my attention and Divergent quickly became my favorite book. There are five factions in this group: Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, Candor, and finally, Dauntless. Among these groups, one is planning something. One of them is attacked, and the other one is used.  Read the rest to find out which group is doing what!
Abnegation The Selfless



There are many, many, many characters in this book and yet, I must tell you one of my favorite characters. The characters in this book all have something special in them. But, since we are on the the “fourth” category, I want to talk about Tris’s amazing instructor and boyfriend: Four. Four is a character most boys will probably admire the most in this book. He is brave, smart, kind ( in a not really kind way), and has a lot of respect for Tris. He has a lot of things he is hiding, but to know that, you must read the whole book and unravel the secrets one by one. I promise you that this won’t be boring and that you won’t be able to put it down till the very last page.
Amity The Peaceful



I love Divergent because it was also made into a movie, and also because the book’s cover looked really cool and the cover felt really smooth. I naturally love to touch book covers. The Divergent book I bought (you know that books have hardcovers and paper cover right?) was the one that says, “ A Major Motion Pictures In Theaters March 2014.” That brought me curiosity for how the movie will be like and how different it would be. The movie was awesome. You should totally go check it out if you haven’t watched it yet. (I will link down the movie in the the bottom. I am the type that don’t feel comfortable seeing violent things in real life where you can visually see everything. So I watched it (I’m young so please don’t criticize me for being a coward) and I freaked out. 🙂
Candor The Honest
Candor The Honest



There is a part in the book where Tris starts losing some important figures in her life. When I read that, I felt like I could relate. I never went to a proper funeral yet because none of our family members passed away. However, I had lost some important furry, fluffy hamsters on the way and I was (like Tris,) heartbroken. The only difference was that I don’t feel guilt ripping me to pieces. Instead, I started blaming myself for some mistakes I had caused for my pets. This ending was very sad and I cried when some things happened. (Sorry guys! But you don’t get to know the ending ‘cause I can’t spoil it for you!) 😀
Erudite The Intelligent
Erudite The Intelligent



I never. I repeat. I never had a favorite book character before. I never admired anyone in a book before either. But, after I read this book, I was awed by Tris’s bravery and the sacrifices she had to make in the book. I feel like we are alike in some ways. I am reckless and I don’t (or I should say rarely) feel like I need protection, I can be very stubborn and is curious. I am not quick to forgive.  Almost all of Tris’s personality and characteristics are reflected on me.  (You guys might also have some of her personality inside you. You never know.)
Dauntless-The Brave
Dauntless-The Brave
ENDING (thoughts and feelings about the Divergent trilogy)
I feel like Tris is my hero and that nobody should be angry about the actions she took in any of the Divergent trilogy. You shouldn’t criticize Veronica Roth for anything that she did in any book. You can burn the book if you feel like you don’t want to see it but you shouldn’t because that will be crossing the line. Also, you will be wasting your precious money! Cherish the book and feel special that you have read something. Even if it is a small accomplishment, feel proud of yourself.  And as Veronica Roth says it, “BE BRAVE.”
As I promised, here is the movie link: https://watch32hd.co/watch?v=divergent_2014#video=uA81ilr9Fgs7UKari5RUmclXQ0GfgQeIrod5c3lLVA4
(P.S This movie is completely free and I can’t do anything about the ads so yeah. This does not belong to me all rights go to the creators that made “Divergent”)

Did you know that I tried to make the text colors the same as the factions’ represented color?

Opinion Piece

Animals in IBSH?

By: Hina

Every twist and turn, you see an animal. What is this place? Are we in a zoo? Actually, we are in our own school; the only difference is the living creatures that are roaming around. Instead of students on the streets, we see animals. This day is a very special day/event for our school because on this particular sunday, we get to see our animal protector Jane Goodall.

The first thing that makes this day special is because we get to see Jane Goodall. She knows everything about chimpanzees and even wrote books from her observations. She is indeed not so young, but she is determined to save her lovely animals from getting extinct. When we dress up as animals, we are showing how much we care about animals and how much we want to save them. We walked around while we pretended to act like that particular creature.

The second reason why this sunday is special is because we do not need to learn anything. Instead, we get to walk around without needing to worry about cars because they can’t come in this area. This is actually a one and only school/week day where we don’t need to take a test. Which means that we could relax even if it is 3 days before the midterms. We don’t need to learn school related topics, but we could learn some information of Jane Goodall by listening to her fantastic and educated speech about her plan how we can help animals .

The third reason why it is such a big event for IBSH is because this doesn’t happen every year. She might not come back next year because she might not have time and she will have to take a lot of energy because as people age, they can’t travel very often because your back might hurt. IBSH is honored to have her come to IBSH because Taiwan has many schools but instead of choosing Taipei or other big cities, she chose Hsinchu Science park to be her entertainer.

Having Jane Goodall coming here is very rare and you might not even see her for a second time. Even if you think that this event is useless and it doesn’t help us in anyway, it does. Its not just about how much fun you are having in whatever event. Its the part where you could feel. By going to a parade, you learn to be an animal and maybe you can be an animal when you grow up because technically, we are animals. What animal do you want to be?

Amazing Animals: Platypus

Duck or beaver? Thats the Question!

By Hina


What animal has a bill, tail, webbed feet, spurs, eggs, claws, and venom? A platypus!  A platypus is a carnivore and is very rare. They mostly feed on a diet of shrimps, crayfish, insect larvae and worms. They usually live in the eastern part of Australia. Dr. Tom Grant is an expert on platypuses. He protects them and tells people about them. Platypuses are not usually recommended as a pet but you could still keep them as one. These animals are shy, elusive, very sensitive to noise and change in the quality of the water they swim in and are more active at night. They are, in fact, considered as a wild animal. It costs tons of thousands, if not a hundred thousand dollars to get one, including the proper licenses and habitat for one. In Australia, you will have a better chance of getting one because they will be more likely to have people who take care of sick ones or are allowed to have them for different reasons. But they are usually friendly as long as you don’t threaten them. Unfortunately, platypuses are an endangered species, and as a result, it’s illegal to export a platypus from Australia.





Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6QHzIJO5a8

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7ptN_5BWCc