Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

Around the world in 80 days

By Kuan-Wei

Around the world in 80 days is a realistic-fiction book by Jules Verne is publishes in 1873. This book have 252 pages and the intended age group is eleven annd up.The plot is that an Englishman, Phileas Fogg, bets 20,000 pounds against the members of the reform club to go around the world in 80 days. He takes his servant Passepartout with him. At different times, Passepartout messes up and delays the trip. There was also a Sioux attack in America.


Reasons why I like this book:

5.This book is very exciting. You don’t know if Phileas Fogg is going to win the bet oe not. There are also a lot of delays, but sometimes he’s ahead of time. If he loses the bet, then he’ll lose a looooooot of money (20,000 pounds)


  1. Detective Fix is trying to stop Phileas Fogg. Detective Fix is a police that thinks Phileas Fogg is a bank robber. (There was a bank robbery a few days before he left

London). This makes the book a bit confusing, because Phileas Fogg doesn’t actually know that Fix thinks he’s a bank robber.


  1. At first at India and Hong Kong, Fix wanted to delay the time so the arrest warrant could come in time. But, after they got to Japan and the U.S., Fix wanted to get everything out of Phileas Fogg’s way, since Japan and the U.S. aren’t British territory. Fix wants to get Phileas Fogg onto British territory as fast as possible. This makes it really cool, since it kind of makes everything turn around.


  1. The way Passepartout and Fix kind of fights is also fun to read. Fix pretends that he’s just a normal person going the same way, but Passepartout kind of knows that Fix is a detective, but he doesn’t know what kind he is, and thinks that Fix is spying for the members of the reform club


  1. There are a lot of parts that makes you think its exciting, the parts where everything gets delayed. I think these parts are one of the best in the book, since it will delay the time and the books gets even more interesting. At Hong Kong, Passepartout forgot to tell Phileas Fogg that the steamer for Yokohama, because Fix made him fall asleep by drugs. When on a train in U.S., there was a Sioux attack. This book is very absorbing, arresting, consuming, engaging, engrossing, enthralling,fascinating, gripping, immersing, intriguing, involving, riveting, or, you could say, awesome.

Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

Trapped in Unknown Lands

The emperor of Nihon-Ja by John Flanagan

By Pierre

This is the book.
This is the book.
This is the author.
This is the author.

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, written by John Flanagan, is a fictional fantasy novel. It is part of the Rangers Apprentice series. Kids, mostly boys aged 9-13 would like this kind of books, its interesting, filled with feelings, also with imagination. There are some parts with a bit of violence

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, written by John Flanagan, is full of fantasy and fiction. It is part of the Rangers Apprentice series. Kids, mostly boys aged 9-13 would like this kind of books, it’s interesting, filled with feelings, and imagination. There are some parts with a bit of violence.

Horace is missing. Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission to the court of the Emperor of Nihon-Ja but he has failed to return.Evanlyn is worried, she sets out to discover with her friends what has become of their old friend on board Gundar Hardstriker’s ship: the Wolfwill.

They find that Horace has become embroiled in Nihon-Jan politics. The arrogant Senshi Lord, Arisaka, has rebelled against the rightful Emperor and Horace has chosen to stay and lend his support to the deposed and fugitive ruler. Now he and Will must turn forest timber workers into a fighting force that can face the highly trained Senshi warriors, while Alyss and Evanlyn must overcome their long-standing rivalry to seek aid from a mysterious group of mountain dwellers to help them in the fight against Arisaka.

Rangers use bows as weapons.


It was the most interesting book in the rangers apprentice series. This is because there were pictures of plans and special strategies.


There was a lot of violence and it was also exciting also that there was different missions for different people.


Also this book was one of the books from my favorite series.


The ending was exciting because they won Arisaka and hit him with a arrow but maybe did not take his life out of his soul.


They made the safe voyage home with a rough ride in the ocean.

Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

Hunger Games meets Harry Potter

The Unwanteds by Lisa Mcmann

By Tommy Kim






The fantasy book, The Unwanteds by Lisa Mcmann, is the first in the Unwanteds series. This book is recommended for eight to fifteen year olds, there are 401 pages, and was published on August 30, 2011.


In Quill, thrteen-year-olds are divided in three different groups in the Purge every year, the Wanteds, Necessaries, and the Unwanteds. Every year, the Unwanteds are sent to the Lake of Boiling Oil to get eliminated. When the Unwanteds get sent there, they think their time is done. Instead of death, the Unwanteds find themselves in Artimé where they can learn magic and secrets that will change everything for them.


I like the setting of this book, especially Artimé because it is a piece of wasteland changed into a magnificent place by magic. The  newest group of Unwanteds annually get sent there to be executed, but they are always surprised because they find out it is a safe haven for them.


I like the main protagonist Alex’s personality because he is kind and good natured. When his brother dismissed Alex when Alex was declared an Unwanted, Alex still forgave Aaron and Alex always wanted to reunite with his twin brother and wanted Aaron to come to Artimé and live with Alex forever with safety and without the idea of getting exposed.


I like the big plot twist at the middle. It was very unpredictable because Aaron, Alex’s twin brother, uses a magical component against Alex and Alex gets wounded. This part is intense and gives you a feeling that the main character, Alex, is going to die. Alex eventually gets cured and lives through his wound and forgives Aaron for Aaron using a magical component against him.


One of the best part of this book is Mr. Today, the head mage of Artimé, the magician that created Artimé, is very nice and never gets angry. When any Unwanted makes a mistake, Mr. Today never gets angry, but he just instructs the Unwanteds nice and calmly. Even though some of the Unwanteds break their kingdom’s rules, but Mr. Today always forgives them.

My favorite part of this book is when the newest group of Unwanteds get sent to the Death Farm to get executed, but they found themselves in Artimé, a magical place where anything might happen and where the Unwanteds will be safe. The Unwanteds’ only fear is if Artimé gets exposed by anyone. When the Unwanteds saw the safe place, they knew not to give up their life and keep trying to achieve their goal.

IBSH Flea Market

By: Katelyn

On Wednesday, March 18, IBSH hosted its annual flea market because of the 32nd school anniversary. In fact, IBSH hosts a flea market every year to honor the school during its anniversary, making students from all classes work hard to finish in time for the event. The flea market took place at the IBSH quadrangle and the hallway that leads to the gym. There were performances in the gym, including dances, cheer leading, and lots of other hosted activities. Out in the quadrangle, kids from first to sixth grade were advertising games and selling toys, food, and including other merchandise. The middle school and high school kids set up their booths in the hallway to the gym, where there was more noise and students with their parents, who tried to buy some tasty goods.

“The flea market was awesome, and I got to hear my friend Alo scream for the first time.” says Mary, a sixth grader from IBSH. Kelly, another kid from sixth grade, says “The weather was burning hot! however that didn’t ruin all of the flea market fun.” Most students thought that the flea market was very amusing, and very enjoyable. “I can’t believe we earned so much money! I thought that our things weren’t good enough, that would cause in no one coming to buy them,” says another sixth grader. The 6A class earned about 8000 NT during the flea market by selling Styrofoam airplanes, pizza from Costco, frozen juice, and books. The pizza sold out in minutes. Also, parents came and bought books for their children, and students of all ages came and bought the airplanes. The frozen juice soon ran out just like the pizza. In the end, all of the 6A students agreed that selling goods at the flea market was a good learning experience for all of them.

Fabulous Singing Team: A Capella Performance

A Capella Performance Review

By: Mary

On Wednesday, March 18, an A Capella performance took place in the school gym of IBSH (International Bilingual School Hsinchu). The performance took place at 14:20, and everyone from both IBSH and NEHS attended the event. The performance was about two hours long, and even though the performers were all from Taiwan, they still sang different English pop hits such as “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, “Price Tag” by Jessie J. and others. In addition to that, the performers showed videos with A Capella performances from other countries like Australia, England, and the United States. There was also an activity for all the students, where the audience had to sing and clap their hands accordingly.

However, because of the disciplinarian from the Chinese side , the show started on a rather sad note. The woman was a teacher, and was extremely strict and mean. She screamed at the students like they were military soldiers, speaking in a very cold and rude tone. It took her fifteen minutes straight to explain to the audience that there would be absolutely no talking, whispering, laughing, or any kind of communication with their teacher or their neighbors. Moreover, the woman mentioned how there could be absolutely no sound heard from anyone, and if there was, that person would be severely punished with community service and their whole class would have to leave. Despite all that sorrow, when the show started, everyone was amazed by the performers’ beautiful voices.

“The performance was awesome, but there was too much unnecessary information about other A Capella shows that they mentioned.” says Katelyn, an IBSH sixth grader.

“I want more shows like this one; it was great!” Kelly, another 6th grader from IBSH says. As expected, the show was stunning, and the audience couldn’t believe how soft and sweet the singers’ voices were. I personally thought that I have never seen nor heard anything better than this show; even the teachers liked the show! I hope that in the future, our school will hold more shows like this to entertain and inspire the students.

Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

A Romantic Relationship; a Dangerous World

Divergent by Veronica Roth

By Hina Yu

Divergent book cover Did you read Divergent? Did you know that it was based on The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner?  Divergent was published in 2011 by Harper Collins; written by Veronica Roth, a New York Time’s best-selling author. This young-adult dystopian novel is full of adventure.  Divergent is suitable for readers aged 14 to 18. This book is about 16-year-old girl Tris that has a decision in the choosing ceremony, a ceremony where you decide on a faction. But little does she know that there will be danger ahead. Can she fight this danger? Or will her life end?

Please help us by commenting down below what you thought of the book. If you haven’t read it yet, you should!



This book has an interesting  plot. The main plot in this book is about a faction (group) that invades another. I’v read many, many books, but have never went across a book where someone or something attacks the other. This attracted my attention and Divergent quickly became my favorite book. There are five factions in this group: Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, Candor, and finally, Dauntless. Among these groups, one is planning something. One of them is attacked, and the other one is used.  Read the rest to find out which group is doing what!
Abnegation The Selfless



There are many, many, many characters in this book and yet, I must tell you one of my favorite characters. The characters in this book all have something special in them. But, since we are on the the “fourth” category, I want to talk about Tris’s amazing instructor and boyfriend: Four. Four is a character most boys will probably admire the most in this book. He is brave, smart, kind ( in a not really kind way), and has a lot of respect for Tris. He has a lot of things he is hiding, but to know that, you must read the whole book and unravel the secrets one by one. I promise you that this won’t be boring and that you won’t be able to put it down till the very last page.
Amity The Peaceful



I love Divergent because it was also made into a movie, and also because the book’s cover looked really cool and the cover felt really smooth. I naturally love to touch book covers. The Divergent book I bought (you know that books have hardcovers and paper cover right?) was the one that says, “ A Major Motion Pictures In Theaters March 2014.” That brought me curiosity for how the movie will be like and how different it would be. The movie was awesome. You should totally go check it out if you haven’t watched it yet. (I will link down the movie in the the bottom. I am the type that don’t feel comfortable seeing violent things in real life where you can visually see everything. So I watched it (I’m young so please don’t criticize me for being a coward) and I freaked out. 🙂
Candor The Honest
Candor The Honest



There is a part in the book where Tris starts losing some important figures in her life. When I read that, I felt like I could relate. I never went to a proper funeral yet because none of our family members passed away. However, I had lost some important furry, fluffy hamsters on the way and I was (like Tris,) heartbroken. The only difference was that I don’t feel guilt ripping me to pieces. Instead, I started blaming myself for some mistakes I had caused for my pets. This ending was very sad and I cried when some things happened. (Sorry guys! But you don’t get to know the ending ‘cause I can’t spoil it for you!) 😀
Erudite The Intelligent
Erudite The Intelligent



I never. I repeat. I never had a favorite book character before. I never admired anyone in a book before either. But, after I read this book, I was awed by Tris’s bravery and the sacrifices she had to make in the book. I feel like we are alike in some ways. I am reckless and I don’t (or I should say rarely) feel like I need protection, I can be very stubborn and is curious. I am not quick to forgive.  Almost all of Tris’s personality and characteristics are reflected on me.  (You guys might also have some of her personality inside you. You never know.)
Dauntless-The Brave
Dauntless-The Brave
ENDING (thoughts and feelings about the Divergent trilogy)
I feel like Tris is my hero and that nobody should be angry about the actions she took in any of the Divergent trilogy. You shouldn’t criticize Veronica Roth for anything that she did in any book. You can burn the book if you feel like you don’t want to see it but you shouldn’t because that will be crossing the line. Also, you will be wasting your precious money! Cherish the book and feel special that you have read something. Even if it is a small accomplishment, feel proud of yourself.  And as Veronica Roth says it, “BE BRAVE.”
As I promised, here is the movie link: https://watch32hd.co/watch?v=divergent_2014#video=uA81ilr9Fgs7UKari5RUmclXQ0GfgQeIrod5c3lLVA4
(P.S This movie is completely free and I can’t do anything about the ads so yeah. This does not belong to me all rights go to the creators that made “Divergent”)

Did you know that I tried to make the text colors the same as the factions’ represented color?

Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

The Royal Son to the Rescue!

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools By: Philip Caveney

By Mary SY

Darke: Prince of Fools by Philip Caveney, was published Random House in January 4, 2007. It is 272 pages of fantasy and adventure and perfect for children ages 10 to 14. This book takes place in Keladon, a magical land ruled by Princess Kerin, who is in danger of losing the throne. Fortunately, a young boy named Sebastian Darke intends to save the Princess, and together with friends find out who is behind all the misfortune in the kingdom. However, King Septimus, the king of the neighbor kingdom, intends to stop Darke and destroy Keladon.

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools has great development of the characters, both protagonists and antagonists. Each character starts his own adventure and learns a lesson through out the whole story. Not only the characters are taught to trust each other, but they also understand the importance of teamwork and friendship. But, don’t worry, you’ll definitely learn a great, valuable lesson!

The characters are described very attractive, in fact,
The characters are described very attractive, in fact, Princess Kerin is described to have the beauty of an angel.

Prince of Fools has very descriptive vocabulary. Each words gives a very precise description of what is going, and the reader can easily identify what is going on. However, it leaves rooms for imagination too! The words create a picture of the setting and overall events, yet it depends on the reader to work out the details.

Prince of Fools is a book for people who like to read thick, long books, yet anyone who wants can enjoy it.

3-HiFive   You will definitely how Prince of Fools has a creative story and great details in the plot. Nowadays, not many books out there include an actual princess being rescued! And even so the book is a bit confusing, the plot itself explains the story to the reader even if he doesn’t understand it.

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools has plot that isn’t similar to any other book I have read, it ‘s amazing!

2-HiFive   Even so this book is quite long, Prince of Fools is very easy to read. At first while reading the book, you will find the vocabulary hard, but later, you will love how easily readable it is. After you finish one chapter, you will just want to read more and more!

This book is so fun and easy to read, even a small child would enjoy it!

1-HiFive   I love how the author of Prince of Fools created each character is completely different from the others. Every one of them is unique and their back stories will fascinate you! You will fall in love with the main character – he is brave, easy-going, and completely hilarious!

caveney, philip
This is the author of the Sebastian Darke Series- Philip Caveney.

Hi- Five: My Favorite Book


The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

By Katelyn Chen

mysterious benedict society

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is a 512-page fiction, intended for children ages eight and up. When the book was first published on January 1st, 2007, it was immediately popular. This book is about four extraordinary children; Reynie Muldoon, Kate Wetherall, Constance Contraire, and Sticky Washington. They created a group named “The Mysterious Benedict Society,” and tries to stop Mr. Curtain from secretly brain-washing the whole world.

Trenton Lee Stewart
Trenton Lee Stewart


The cover is attractive, using the color yellow. Also, the illustrations are creative, and pulls the reader in. The font is cool, and the author puts the title in a banner. I like books with creative illustrations, covers, and fonts.


The descriptions are very detailed, and gives us a clear idea of what the author is trying to say. For example, the author describes Mr. Benedict and Mr. Curtain’s nose as a cucumber, so that the readers will imagine the noses big, long, and fat.



The author has a lot of imagination, and creates fun and interesting personalities for each of the characters. The names are also very creative, such as George/Sticky Washington. Kate Wetherall’s characteristics are also very creative, saying that she always brings a bucket full of things with her wherever she goes.

The characters- Kate Wetherall, Reynie Muldoon, Sticky Washington, Constance Contraire
The characters- Kate Wetherall, Reynie Muldoon, Sticky Washington, Constance Contraire


“You must remember, family is often born of blood, but it doesn’t depend on blood. Nor is it exclusive of friendship. Family members can be your best friends, you know. And best friends, whether or not they are related to you, can be your family.” This book tells us about the importance of family and friends. Without each other, the character wouldn’t have succeeded in saving the world.


The plot is fun, interesting, and intriguing, making the reader unable to put the book down. While the ending is probably quite expected, there are some unexpected twists in the middle of the book. The book is creative, cool, and captivating.

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Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

A Safe Scare

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

By Your Name Here


SUMMARY: Please write a summary here of the book. Include the name of the book, author’s name, genre, intended age group, page count and publishing date. Also go over the basics of the plot without giving away the twists and/or ending. (3-5 sentences)

5-HiFivePlease write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal.


Please write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal.


Please write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal.


Please write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal.


Please write ONE of the FIVE things you love about this book. It could be a character’s personality, a setting, a word(s) the author uses, a plot point, an effect it has on you (ex. it’s scary!), a a character’s name, things it taught you, or anything personal. THIS SHOULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!!

Wreck it Ralph: Movie Review

“Wreck it Ralph”

By Annie

In a world of gaming and fun, there is a “bad guy” named Ralph. He was tired of watching Felix getting golden medals, eating cake and having parties while he has been left out in a dump. So he went out of his game to do something about it.

“Wreck it Ralph” is produced from Walt Disney Animation Studio and it was released by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was released at October 29, 2012. This movie was directed by Rich Moore. John C. Reilly is starring as Ralph, Sarah Silverman is starring as Vanellope von Schweetz and Jack McBrayer as Fix it Felix Jr. There are many more characters but I just choose the main characters.

This movie is a great thing to watch for everyone. It is not that scary or that creepy so its a good movie for people that are scared of scary and creepy movies. This is a very fun and creative movie that a lot of people will love to watch all the time.

This is a good movie for kids because it will make them know that friendship is strong and it will let them know that even though your friends get a certificate that says ” You Are Great” and if you are also a good person than, you don’t need a certificate or a prize for being good because if your heart knows that you’re good than you should believe in yourself and you would have friends to tell you that.

This movie is one of my favorites because it has a lot of imagination and it’s very creative and fun. It has a great story structure and the story is well told. This is a good movie because the story is telling us that friends are much more important than a gold medal to prove that you are good because if you are thoughtful to your friend than your friend is your gold medal. Lastly, The movie has a lot of variety of colors.