Red Panda’s Story

By: Mother Nature  (Hina Yu)

Many people often get red pandas and raccoons mixed up.  What is the difference between red pandas and raccoons anyway? To tell the truth, raccoons are relatives of red pandas, but they look different. Not only that, raccoons are gray, unlike red pandas. Red pandas use their big bushy tails to keep them warm in cold climates, and they spend most of their time on trees.

Red pandas are not the type of animal people usually talk about, so I decided to do some research on them. For example, do you guys know that red pandas are a mixture of a raccoon, a panda, and a cat? Some people might know that, and some people might not, but what is the most spectacular thing about red pandas anyway? The fact that they eat bamboos? Or, the fact that red pandas have furry tails? Nope! Red pandas are incredibly shy. Well, that is, except when they are mating. While the female takes care of the young, the male helps out by——- taking no interest at all and ignoring the young. Right. You are probably thinking, “WHAT? The female does all the hard work and the male just relaxes?” But let’s think about the situation this way.  We humans act similar to these animals. In your house, the mom does the work and the male plays. It’s the same thing for red pandas.

Red pandas are endangered animals. Their habitats are disappearing because of us. We cut down trees for many things. Every single day that we use paper, we are destroying not only the red panda’s habitat, we are also destroying many other animals’ environments. I hope that after reading this article, You have learned more about red pandas.

Greek Gods


Hello fellow readers! This is an article by Demeter( I’m going by this name because I am going to introduce you people to my family!) Well! First of all, I was born from my titan mother; Rhea! (She is a very loving and caring father. Unlike my father Kronos.)She had 12 baby Olympians and well, I was part of it. I have several brothers and sisters. Some us of are even married to our own family members! I for one, was forced to marry my 2 brothers: Poseidon and Zeus. One of the most powerful and the strongest gods in the universe. Well, there is another god that is also powerful and strong but I have nothing good to talk about him right now. In fact, I don’t even want to talk about him, meet him, praise him for ANYTHING! (Destroys 3 farmhouses) Sorry. But I really cannot help myself after he stole my precious sunshine Persephone. She is my daughter and whenever I see her, hear her, sense her, I feel like nothing bad would happen. Unfortunately, she ate a pomegranate and I had to search her for weeks! And one time, when Kronos tried to return and destroy us all, we had to rely on those demigods. If we didn’t have them, I would be no more, I will fade and Western Civilization would have died! (Murmurs to herself silently cursing.) I am sorry if I cannot tell you much but I must go now. Goodbye people. And if you ever need advice in farming, please come find me. Thank You! May your Winter be lovely as summer. 🙂

Please ask me questions later on and I, Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture shall answer as fast as possible.

Christmas Cheer!!

BY: Katelyn and Felicia (Alexis/Lexi)

Merry Christmas! Christmas is coming up VERY soon, and we need to know some things about Christmas. NO ONE should be celebrating Christmas without knowing what it’s about, right? So now, I am going to tell you some information about Christmas. First of all, Christmas is an annual festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is normally celebrated on December 25th, and is the first day of the Christmastide, which ends after twelve nights. Christmas is not only celebrated by Christian people, but is also celebrated by many non-Christian people. “Christmas” is a compound word that originated from the term “Christ’s Mass” and is also known as Midwinter, Natiuiteo, Noel, and Geola.

Have you ever wondered why people wear red and green for their Christmas clothing? People wear green because of evergreen plants like holly, ivy, and mistletoe, which has been used for thousands of years to decorate and brighten up buildings during the long, dark winter. They also reminded people that spring would come and that winter wouldn’t last forever. An early use of red was as apples on the paradise tree. They represented the ‘Fall of Adam’ in the plays. Red is also the color of holly berries which represents the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross.

But… how about Santa and his reindeers? Santa, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, and Kris Kringle, is a figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins. Santa is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children on December 24th, or Christmas Eve. Santa is believed to make a “naughty or nice” list every year, and gives presents to the nice kids, and coal to the naughty kids. However, kids will have to REALLY believe in Santa Claus to receive gifts, and they WILL get gifts. DO NOT doubt Santa Claus!

Rudolph, however, is a fictional character created by Robert L. May in 1939, when he wrote a book named ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” Rudolph doesn’t have any legendary, historical, or folkloric origins, and is just a made up character by the author. There is now also a song “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” which is very popular during Christmas season. 



Mistletoe, example of green
Mistletoe, example of green
Santa Claus
Santa Claus
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Opinion Piece

Anime Clutter!

By: Mary

There are different types of animation in the world, but anime is one of the most popular types of animation. It is not only popular in Japan, but is also well-known in USA, Russia, and other countries. Yet, what exactly makes anime so popular? Keep reading to find out more!

The first thing that makes anime so special is the great art. Anime is known for the very detailed drawing of eyes, and anime eyes can be drawn in many different styles. But it is not only about the eyes! The settings of every good anime are drawn very detailed and beautiful. In addition, the clothes of the characters are drawn stylish and cute. These characteristics make the art of the animation great!

Secondly, the plot and the story of almost every Japanese animation is breathtaking and interesting. Every anime’s plot differs from the other, and yet the creators can still think of more. The plot can have the most shocking endings. Also, lots of anime likes to add a little bit of magic to the plot, which makes it even cooler! The themes of the plot vary in names and ideas, and some of the most poplar ones are: school life, comedy, and action fighting.

Finally, anime is great because of the variety of different characters. As you may already know, anime characters are very different in appearance. They can have different hair color, different skin color, different style , or different height. In addition, anime characters  have all sorts of different personality, just like real people! They can be mean (tsundere) but sweet, cute (deredere), or cool (kuuderel). The characters’ can act just like us, which is very entertaining to watch!

In the end, we have a conclusion. Anime is very popular due to its amazing and cute art style. It is also well-known of its twisting plot. Lastly, the characters are just so different and interesting, they attract you to watch the anime! Now, after hearing all this, don’t you want to start watching anime too?

Opinion Piece

Drama trouble?

By: Crystal

   Are you trying to put on a play? Well this article can make your life easier! There are actually a lot of kinds of plays. Keep reading to learn more.

   Drama comes in many kinds. Drama includes plays, TV shows, musical theater and many more. If you are choosing a play, you can choose between tragedy, comedy or historical. Tragedy is a play that something unfortunate happens and the ending is sad. A comedy is the complete opposite. A historical is about something that has happened in the past. Another part is costumes. Costumes have to fit the characters. Like for Cinderella, you can’t make her wear a gown when she’s cleaning.

    To jazz up your play, you can add some songs or special effects. You may consider some plays of Shakespeare and other famous playwrights. Simple stories can also become a play. With some simple adjustments, you can turn it into your own.  If you like writing stories, you can write your own play! Just add some actions, effects, lines and …..presto! you’ve got a play. As you can see, choosing a play is actually quite easy.

     If you are acting, you need to have emotion. Emotion and actions are what brings the character to life. You can’t just recite a whole line with a robotic voice. It would be boring and the audience would fall to sleep. In conclusion, you have to be sure you add feeling to your lines.

    In conclusion, plays are easy to make if you know the ropes. If you have a play to make or acting part, you must have emotion!

Opinion Piece

The Great Poseidon Horses!

By: Katelyn

Everyone knows what horses are. Horses are basically ponies but bigger. They can carry heavy loads, are fast runners, and are lovely companions. But where exactly did horses come from? Are they really created by Poseidon? Why did he create them?

According to Greek mythology, there are two versions to the story. The first version is that Poseidon created horses as a present for Demeter, the goddess of harvest. Poseidon, even though already married, wanted to win over Demeter, so made the most beautiful creature ever. He didn’t succeed the first time, but at last created the horse. However, Poseidon eventually lost interest in Demeter.

The second tale is about the naming rights to the city of Cecropia. It is said that Poseidon was competing with Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. The Greek gods decided that whoever produced the most useful gifts for humans would win the naming rights to the city. Poseidon then created the horse, tamed it, and taught the humans about horsemanship. Athena created an olive tree, and won the contest. The city Cecropia was then named Athens.

But are horses really created by Poseidon like mentioned in Greek mythology? Horses might actually be from nature, or like some Christian people say, horses are made by God and shaped out of mud. It is said that at the start of the world, God thought earth was too empty, so made one girl and one boy out of mud. He then breathed life into them, and thus started the human race. Are horses made the same way?

So, which one is the real one? Are horses created by Poseidon, made by nature, or created by God? In my opinion, I think that horses are made by nature, even though I don’t think anyone can figure out where the first horse came from. This question is just like the question, ” Did chickens come first, or did eggs come first?”

Movie Preview: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

By: Kuan-Wei
Big Hero 6 is a 2014 American computer-animated superhero film released by Walt Disney Pictures on November 7th, 2014, and is produced by Walt Disney Animated Studios. It is an action-packed movie that is most likely to attract young kids. The film is directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, and the film features the voices of Ryan Potter as Hiro Himada, a14-year-old who has already graduated high school. Scott Adsit as Baymax, an inflatable robot. T.J. Miller as Fred a laid-back comic-book fan and Jamie Chung as Gogo Tomago, a tough, athletic girl. Damon Wayans, Jr. voicing Wasabi, a smart, largely built neat-freak and finally, Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon, a chemistry whiz . The film tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a young robotics genius who forms a superhero team to combat a masked villain Yokai. One of the films main theme is about coping with grief.


Short Story: The Adventure in the Dark Forest

The Adventure in the Dark Forest

Long ago, two siblings were lost. Very lost. As in the-middle-of-nowhere lost. They only knew two things about their location: they were in a place called the “Dark Forest” and it was dark. Very, very, very dark.

“Why are we here again?” Jade, the younger sister asked.

“We’re lost while picking berries for mom! How many times do I have to tell you?” Ariel angrily answered.

Jade sighed and complained, “My legs hurt!,” but naturally, Ariel ignored her.

After a while of complains from Jade and sighs from Ariel, they finally gave in and stopped for a break.

“We should get some sleep.” Ariel advised.

Once Jade’s head hit the hay (they used black hay as the bedding; it was even black in the Dark Forest!) she fell into a deep sleep. Ariel shrugged and closed her eyes.

The next morning, Ariel woke up with something itchy in her ear. When she raised her hand to touch it, a fairy popped out. She was a little figure, small and delicate, wearing a dress made of leaves and a belt of flowers.

“Hi! I’m Trixie,” the fairy said. “You must be Ariel, sister of Jade?”

“Umm… Duh deeca,” muffled Ariel, startled. “Er… I mean of course!”

“If you need help, just touch your ear and I will come out immediately.” Trixie said.

“Why?” Ariel asked.

“Well… your ear helped me hide from the Witch of the Dark Forest. She wanted to catch me for her potion! Anyway, speaking of which, your sister was captured by Agatha, the witch. Bye!” And with a poof! Trixie disappeared.

“Wait, what?!” Ariel cried.

Indeed, Jade was nowhere to be found. Apparently, when Ariel was sleeping, Agatha captured Jade on her broom and flew away. Nobody saw them.

Meanwhile, Agatha arrived with Jade at her castle. Jade was screaming and crying but nobody heard her. After a few hours, Ariel got worried and rubbed her ear. The fairy flew out and asked:

“What do you need, Ariel?”

“Tell me the location of Jade and show me what she is doing right now.”

Trixie took out a magic mirror and told it to do all the things Ariel commanded.

The mirror said, “Jade is stuck in the witch’s castle,” and showed a picture of Jade. She was tied up and had an apple in her mouth. Ariel was shocked.

They started up the mountain that held up the sky, where Agatha lived. Finally, they approached the top of the mountain and went into the dark, spooky castle. Ariel accidentally stepped on a trap and a hundred (or so) poisonous swords shot out of the wall and she almost got hit by one of the swords!

“Oh my…” Ariel muttered.

Being careful not to trigger any more booby traps, Ariel rushed into the castle, searching for Jade.

“Nope, not here.” Ariel said as she searched the enormous and empty castle. “Sigh.”

As she turned to leave the empty room she heard a voice say, “Welcome, Ariel. Going somewhere?” Ariel turned and saw Agatha, the witch. She took a nearby broom and tried smashing it on Agatha’s head, but it was no use. She just disappeared and reappeared a little farther! As Agatha cackled, Ariel thought: Hey, maybe Agatha will melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz! So she grabbed a nearby bucket of water and splashed it on Agatha, and you know what? Agatha was afraid of water because her magic powers would disappear into thin air. She started to get weaker and weaker. At last, she died.

Ariel found Jade in the room next to them and tried to go back home.The journey back home was a whole other story. But for now…

The End (sort of)

Remember to look for the next story-The Journey Back Home

Cold, cold, winners!

The Winter Olympics scores are out! Now, here are the top 10 winners of the Winter Olympics! We accorded the countdown from the number of gold medals the countries won. Check out the fantastic winners!
Winter medals:
Rank:                                                              Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Norway 118 111 100 329
2 United States of America 96 102 83 281
3 USSR 78 57 59 194
4 Germany 76 78 53 207
5 Canada 62 55 53 170
6 Austria 59 78 81 218
7 Sweden 50 40 54 144
8 Switzerland 50 40 48 138
9 Russia 49 40 35 124
10 Finland 42 62 57 161
   Impressive eh? Here are the Winter Olympics scores. Getting cold and shiny!

Demeter says hello!

Hello everybody!

This is the goddess of farming and agriculture. I may look like a weak and puny goddess but when I am angry, I get MAD! But don’t worry. I won’t go and wack people in the head without any reason. I am going to tell you guys that I will be telling and introducing you to my family! Oh, and just to let you know, that evil Hades kidnapped my “little sunshine” Persephone! Anyway. I will be multitasking while writing an article about my family. Hmm? What? What did you say darling? Oh for dinner? I’m thinking that we should make some bread as dinner. So sorry but I need to go. Persephone is hungry and I hate it when she gets upset. Goodbye! I should be posting an article next week. Goodbye! happy farming everyone! Oh! And if you ever meet little weats, tell them hello for me!