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Movie Review: The Lego Movie

“The Lego Movie”

by Jasper

This movie is about a simple construction guy, Emmet in a LEGO world, where everything starts with a normal day… The adventure starts after getting lost with his friends when all of them are planning what to do next after work. He accidentally falls into a pit where every master builder is looking for… He went with a team of specialist minifigures on an adventure to save the world from President Business (Lord Business) from an evil thing which President Business (Lord Business) is using to end the world. This is “THE LEGO MOVIE,” directed by Chris (Christopher) Miller and Phil Lord. Writing credits for Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Phil Lo and Chris (Christopher) Miller. If all these people were not here, there wouldn’t be this awesome movie. If you watched it, you would rate it 5 stars!

This is Emmett. He is a construction guy who’s got a mysterious cap on his back to stop a monstrous thing that can end the world in one day. Over here is Lucy, nicknamed Wild Style. She is a master builder hiding everywhere to get away from Lord Business’s robots. Vitruvius, the oldest master builder, and he  taught Emmet to be

a master builder. President Business, secretly ,he is Lord Business, the most evil of tyrants who oversees a robot militia and attempts to take over the LEGO universe. Good/ Bad Cop, Lord Business’s #1 henchman, whose loyalty is tested when he is forced to turn on his own parents. He has to be loyal to Lord Business or else he will die, thrown out of Lord Business’s top floor of his office.

This movie is all about LEGOs that come to life and destroy the world. It’s very violent in a different way, there won’t be blood and kissing.


“THE LEGO MOVIE” would be recommended to both adults and kids in different ways. The kids can laugh out loud and have a great time while the adults can have some rest when the kids are playing. This movie is loved by a lot of people at all ages because it is hilarious and it is packed with action.  It is awesome because it is about LEGOs . This is why, everyone should watch this movie.