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Jazzy Science Time

By Mary

Fourth to sixth grade IBSH students assembled in the gymnasium at 10:10 am, to start the IBSH Elementary Science Fair. According to the teachers of IBSH, this science fair was conducted to teach students about the scientific method, to bring science thinking in daily life, and to give the students an opportunity to conduct experiments. Parents also came to the science fair to view their kids projects, and see other people’s hard work. The fair had judges who were both normal science teachers, and professors that specialize in science. Mr. Steven, the IBSH disciplinarian, also walked around and listened to the presenters’ speeches.

While some people worked very hard and even created special videos as an additional visual aid for their topics, others were slacking of and wondering around instead of correctly presenting their experiments. The judges were fairly strict, asking specific questions and striking the unexplained parts the presenters didn’t mention. On the other hand, they were very polite and kind, listening carefully to every word spoken and not being too judgmental. The pupils that worked individually had to stay next to their posters most of the time, yet the people that worked in groups had time to wonder around and view their friend’s experiments.

“In my opinion, the science fair was fairly boring because of the surveys we had to write while the science fair, which was extremely time consuming,” said Ashley, a girl form sixth grade. Many other participants shared the same idea as Ashley, and thought it was too much hard work for one small event.

“The science fair was very enjoyable, and I loved the competitiveness among the participants!” opposed another sixth grader Kelly. But no matter if the students enjoyed the fair or not, the parents themselves thought it was a fun learning experience. In the conclusion, the Science Fair was a very busy event for the students, but also an intense competition, and the students are curious to know which people will be the winners.