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Review: Taylor Swift’s new album: 1989

By: Katelyn

Taylor Swift, the only female singer in music history to have two albums hit the 1 million first week sales figure, has a new album. The album, 1989, was named after her birth year, and is already a bestselling album. “Shake it Off,” the first song to be released from the album, was immediately popular to people of all ages. In 1989, Taylor sings in a whole new different way, changing from her original slow, teary, guitar style to quick, rock style. Some people still likes Taylor’s old style, but most approve of her new style.

1989 mostly has rock style songs, with only a few teary songs. The songs in her album includes:

    • Welcome to New York
    • Blank Space
    • Style
    • Out of the Woods
    • All You Had To Do Was Stay
    • Shake It Off
    • I Wish You Would
    • Bad Blood
    • Wildest Dreams
    • How You Get the Girl
    • This Love
    • I Know Places
    • Clean

This album is  Taylor Swift’s first ever pop album, which makes it very special. “Clean” is one of the slow songs in the album, and is a refreshing break from all the pop songs. Hope all of you will enjoy listening to Taylor’s new album!