Hi-Five: My Favorite Book

A Small, Cute Secret Weapon

War Dog by Damien Lewis

By Jasper Chuang

There are 368 pages in total, and the genre is fiction.


Book summary:

Shot down behind the German lines during World War 2, Robert, a twenty years old aircrew serving the Allies, found Ant (later named Antis) in a farm. One morning, Robert and Pierre left the house. Shortly after leaving, they heard Antis howling. Robert had to make him be quiet; his first thought was killing Antis with a knife, but then after making a choice, he took Antis as a pet. After that, Antis started going on the air with his “dad”(Robert.)

One of the reasons I like the book is that Antis has a secret, super weapon: hearing bombers sent from the Germans during World War 2.


I find war in Europe fascinating. Thus, I like the book because it took place during war in Europe. In the airfield, where Robert and Antis live, they “exchange” bombing raids.

The third thing I like this book is that Robert sneaks Antis to places where dogs are not allowed. When he was a puppy, Robert could snuck him in a suitcase when he was on a ship.


Then, the fourth thing I like this book is that the author always use a adorable way to tell how Antis cheer Robert up. It can even be funny!


The last thing I like this book is that the “hero” (Antis) gets the Dickens Award for the sharp hearings and warnings that told the base trouble was coming.


At the ending was pretty sad because Antis died of disease. After that, Robert vowed to never get another dog.

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