Graduation Trip: How much freedom did the teachers allow?

By Crystal

Teachers and adult chaperones often worry about the safety of students, thus resulting in less freedom. However, this is the GRADUATION trip we are talking about. The students are 12 years old! To some people, the graduation trip is to get away from parents and well… to become mature. The chaperones were protective and gave us a curfew of 10:30pm; right after shower time. Consequently, most people didn’t get to hang out or have a pillow fight with friends.

To understand the situation more clearly, The Lemur polled 20 students on how much freedom they received, on a scale of 1~10, with 1 being the least,

While 10% chose 1 and 5% chose 2, no one chose 3 or 4 and 2 people chose 5 and 15% chose 6. The most popular number was 7, with 30% of the votes. 15% chose 8 and 9 and no one chose ten. Apparently the chaperones didn’t give enough freedom worthy of a “10.”

In conclusion, students should have more free time to enjoy themselves on graduation trips. Maybe the school will let the following graduates have more freedom.

graph copy


2 thoughts on “Graduation Trip: How much freedom did the teachers allow?”

  1. Well, I thought that it wasn’t very fair for the teachers to “keep you in their protection.” Well, I understand that it was for the person’s good, but still, will a little bit of freedom hurt? I liked it though.


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