Comment Parade: Graduation Trip

By Lexi

  • “The curfew was SO early!” screamed Crystal, 6B. “We didn’t have enough time to have a proper pillow fight!”

  • “The graduation trip was awesome, but the amusement park had too little rides. ” Katelyn, 6A said solemnly.

  • “The desserts were lame.  I expected more brownies, cupcakes, and cake,” complained Hina from 6A.

  • “I really liked the hotel rooms. The mattresses were really cool because they were placed on the ground and the wood plastered walls and ground made the room feel relaxed.” said Annie from 6A.

  • “At the campfire, the music and lights were too blaring loud and after I screamed for 1 hour, I couldn’t talk anymore.” said Katelyn, 6A.

  • “I ALMOST BARFED AFTER I RODE THE UFO!” screamed Kelly from 6A.  “It felt like my heart was blasting out of my body and I was weightless when I fell!”

  • “I wish the amusement park had more food choices. There were only Taiwanese food and a few Western styled food such as hot dogs and french fries.” said Lexi from 6A. “I just wish there were pizzas and mac n’ cheese…”

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