Graduation Trip: The Worst Rides

By Chris Wang 

Space mountain: IIII
Gold mine: I
Maya rollercoaster:
Pirate Ship: III
Jurassic Cruise: IIIIIIIIIII

According to the poll above, 11 out of 19 people disliked the Jurassic Cruise, making it the #1 Worst Ride at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Theme Park. The main reason seemed to be, not the ride was lame, but that in comparison with the other rides it became lame. Perhaps, younger students or the elderly would have enjoyed it more.

“The Jurassic Cruise smells like urine and is really stupid.”

-Pierre Merigot.


“It was for preschoolers.”

-Tommy Kim.


“This thing was like a dying slug, and it smelled like the dinosaurs were doused in chlorine beforehand …”

-Nathan Wang.


“It was plain boring.”

-Shannon Van.


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