The Panther Prowl

By Lexi

On Wednesday, April 8th, IBSH’s National Honor Society hosted the Panther Prowl. This time, its theme was based on playing sports! The majority of students playing in the gym were mostly middle and high schoolers. While determined (students) hurled the frisbee around, blasting pop music was playing.

The events that took place in the Panther Prowl were dodgebee (dodgeball with a frisbee), hula hoop pass, and musical jeopardy. In the dodgebee game, resolute middle and high schoolers aimed the frisbee endlessly at the other team and crowed with victory whenever they’d killed an opponent. While this vicious game was carrying on, mixes of pop songs were relentlessly blasting.

Another event that was held at the Panther Prowl was the Musical Jeopardy. Each grade sent two representatives out to answer various questions related to pop music. The categories included ‘guessing the song’, ‘identifying the artist’, ‘guessing the lyrics’, and a mix of all the others.

The last event held was the “Hula Hoop Passing Game.” Grades three to six students had to send a group of people to go up and pass the hula hoop from the first person all the way to the last. Overall, it was really fun! Some people weren’t completely impressed with the event, but most people were screaming at the top of their lungs!

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