Pro- Con: Students should have smartphones

Pro: Students should be able to bring their smartphones to school. By Jasper Chuang “Ahhhhh! My foot! Somebody get call 911!” “Nobody has a phone!” Students should be able to bring their phones to school because they would be able to access the internet with their devices and emergency care. They could have access to their parents, friends, and games. Consequently, smart phones help students become smarter. Students also have the ability to call their parents for emergencies. In addition, students will relax even more during break time because of texting to friends, family members. They can also play games that can make them smarter, help their reaction to things like when a ball comes to you, when playing a game that needs a lot of reaction, such as heart- attack(poker card), dodgeball, and speed(poker card). Even though phones could ring during class, the teacher could take away everybody’s phone which is turned off. If a phone did not get taken away, the student will not see their phone until the end of the school year. If the phone has been taken away one month before summer break, they will not see their phone until next year. With smartphones, students are able to connect to many people, emergency cares and games. Smartphones can make lives easier for students in both schools and at homes.

Con: Students should not bring smartphones to school

By: William Wang

“When can I play my smartphone?”

“When is it break time? I want to play my game!”

These questions above are heard daily in classrooms during class time. Do you call that focusing in class when they are waiting to playing their smartphones? Of course not.  Another problem that arose when bringing smartphones to school is it disturbs the learning environment because smartphones can ring loudly when the teacher is teaching class. The last problem we should consider is bringing smartphones to school allows the student to play more than what is considered appropriate. The excessive amount of time they spend on their phone can hurt their eyesight. Furthermore, we all aim to create a safe and equal environment but having a smartphone at school can make the gap between rich and poor more obvious. Please consider the following explanations.

If students bring smartphones to school, they will not focus in class. Students will look forward to play their phones instead of listening to the teacher. Also, students will think what is happening to their games currently, which is not focusing in class. If students want to play their smartphones, they should play it at home because home is the appropriate place to play their games. And think about it, if students play smartphones, it will hurt their eyes because of Blu-ray. So either at school or at home, playing your smartphone and not doing homework is not suggested unless you have Blu-ray glasses, which is expensive.

Another reason why students should not bring smartphones to school is because if the phone rings in class, it disturbs class. These are some examples of disturbing class:

  1. When phone rings, it might annoy the students and students might laugh because of the ring tone.
  2. Teachers trying to find whose phone is ringing then taking the phones to turn it off then confiscating the phone is all a waste of time. If you think about it, there are around 30 students in each class. The teacher spends about 5 minutes through this whole process, which is wasting 155 minutes in total (30 students and 1 teachers) and wasting the students money because your parents pay every minute that you are in class.

The last reason why students should not bring smartphone is because the gap between rich and poor is going to be more obvious. The students who do not have smartphones might be envious at the students who have smartphones because they can play in break times in school. But the students who do not have smartphones also want to have smartphones, so parents who don’t have have enough money to afford the money for buying smartphones will be very upset. Why not create the safe and equal environment that we all want and not bring smartphones to school? The ending result will be that everyone is happy with their school life while focusing on learning and not complaining to parents of wanting a smartphone.

So for the people who have smartphones, why not sympathize with the students who do not have smartphones by stop bringing your smartphones to school? It helps an envious free environment, making it a happier place to go for everyone while creating a learning environment that schools are set out to do. By focusing on learning instead of playing your phones excessively, it will not let your eyesight deteriorate. Due to these reasonable reasons, we should all not bring smartphones to school.

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