Rainbow Dancer: Boy Dances At Midnight

By: Halle & Emily

On Christmas Eve, at 11:59 PM, in Spain, a Pakistani boy in a rainbow colored dress crashed through his door and started dancing around street and magically dodging rushing cars at midnight. Everyone was staring at him like he was some enormous rainbow colored cobra dancing while wearing a sloppy&ugly tutu. The unintelligent boy seemed to notice no one around him.

The Boy that danced with a rainbow dress
The boy that danced with a rainbow dress

The citizens of Spain watched, stunned, as the Pakistani boy danced around, getting even more intense each minute. One of the kid who was watching him dance said, “Does that dress dances it self like the ‘Red shoe’ in the story?” Everyone tried to ask him what was wrong with him, but he couldn’t talk and just danced around the street while it’s snowing like crazy. The day after Christmas Eve, he was still dancing around the street without even eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom.

Boy in the streets
Boy in the streets

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