Girl Gets Bitten By Poisonous Snake

By Ashley and Crystal

On Tuesday, March 30th, one 7 year old girl was bitten by a White Abmam, an extremely poisonous, yet not fatal, snake, in Afliquwer, Nigeria. The girl, named Opeyemi Kondwani, was in a family meeting when she and her cousins went exploring. They happened to come across the nest of the White Abmam. The children, not knowing it was a nest, they stepped on it carelessly. The Abmam, feeling threatened, attacked the children.

Later that week, one of the cousins, Efe Kondwani, allowed us to interview him. “The snake was pure white, except for its black eyes. We tried to back away, but Opeyemi stepped on a branch. The next thing we knew, Opeyemi was bitten and  the snake was nowhere to be seen.” Opeyemi is now in the local hospital of Afliquwer, still alive and being treated. She later said: “I was so nervous, I almost forgot what my mom taught me to do when meeting a snake. Part of me wanted to run.”

Thankfully, the doctor reported that she will recover within two months. In Africa, don’t go into tall grass or forests alone. Make sure you have someone that knows the place well or at least someone with you to prevent further injuries.

A White Abmam in captive



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