Death of the Dinosaurs: Gummy Bear Bomb Sends Ancient Reptiles into Second Extinction

By Pierre and Kuan-Wei

Baghdad – A group of nine dinosaurs perished on New Year’s Eve, 2015, when a gummy bear nuclear bomb exploded. The dinosaurs magically appeared in a Pizza Hut from a slice of  pepperoni pizza. According to zombie unicorn sources, the dinosaurs teleported to a nearby 7-11 and ate junk food causing each dinosaur to gain 300 pounds. The increase in size reportedly caused them to destroy Mr. Chris Wangyswagy collection of fluffy unicorns by eating all of them including Mr. Wangyswagy’s favorite, fluffiest, pinkest unicorn, Barf. According to witnesses, Mr. Wangyswagy sent an S.O.S. text message to his friend Swagger-Cookie urging him to travel to Earth in his strawberry meatball UFO.

Their allies the headless zombie gummy bear minions were coming. The dinosaurs then dressed up as barbarians and raided the unicorn cookie factory, the humans set a nuclear gummy bear bomb and destroyed all of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs last words were: “Unicorns are now our favorite and adorable pets”.  Mr. Chris Wangyswagy Unicorns now studies unicorn-ology.

Unicorn VS dinosaur
What Mr. Chris Wangyswagy Unicorns studies

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