Major Earthquake in Japan brings bad news for everyone

By Hina and Tommy

On Tuesday,  March 24th, an earthquake occurred in Tokyo, Japan. The earthquake was measured 9.6 on the Richter Scale. Most of the buildings in Tokyo was destroyed in the earthquake and also by the tsunami after the earthquake. The Tokyo Tower, however, had somehow survived the earthquake and the tsunami. The Japanese were proud of their architecture because their represented tower; the Tokyo Tower is still standing as tall as ever. After the earthquake, many people found out that there were a lot more people that escaped the city that previous night.

A man said, “The police came to our house and told us to go to the harbor and find a ship to escape this city. At first, we were confused, but then the police told us there was going to be a earthquake approximately tomorrow morning. So that night, we prepared ourselves for the earthquake and left Tokyo first thing in the morning.”

In the earthquake, 1078 bodies were found dead underneath the crashed buildings and approximately 306 wounded. The rescue team was called to find more survivors; just in case.

One family begged the rescue team to help them find their son; who was still inside the remains of the Kubota Itchiku Art Museum.

The worst part was that all of the special artifacts in Japan was destroyed and the rare animals were all endangered to a population of three. Many citizens fear that by the end of April, all of the animals will die out and Japan will no longer be special. Also, the biggest news yet: the food were running short and the water were poisoned. The fish died out immediately, leaving the sushi stores out of business.

A woman; surname Wakabayashi, screamed to the Journalist: “Japan used to be so much more than this! So much more! Now I just want to kick a bunch of fish and pray that they will revive and flop around in random directions.”

A 56 year old grandpa shouted in his shrill, weak voice, “I, a old man will never come back to Japan again if they don’t make me a bag of sushi. I WANT TO HUG, THEN EAT THE SUSHI!”

Another group of people were devastated when they found out that their represented food was going to be scarce. Instead of being hysterical like some of the others, they decided to stay and risk their own lives to help Japan become better than before.

“We’re not going to give up.” Says a young teenager, “I will do this for my girlfriend. She would like that. I’m going to make her proud of me, herself and Japan.”

The Japanese are going to succeed in on improving Japan.


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