An Unexpected Visit

By: LiT & Annie

During the night of Thursday, March 26, 2015, five spaceships appeared in the sky above Santa Claus’s workshop. The spaceships circled the Earth once, before landing in Taipei, turning the Taipei 101 into rubble. Few people were present to see the alien come out. People from miles around were told to evacuate and only the mayor and an escort of the entire army were there to see.

Information released from a confidential source reported that the aliens marched out in a triangular formation with their captain at the front. All of them were wearing tutus the exact color of their yellow skin and eyes. They claimed to have come in peace and they had came to Earth was to study our planet. Then one of the alien asked if they could have one human being to do experiments on. The mayor furiously insisted the aliens to leave at once. The aliens then asked the mayor to aboard their ship and discuss this somewhere more appropriate. The mayor agreed and had not been seen since then.

Eyewitnesses reported the alien ships were sleek, thin, and long, and was glittering lime green, hot pink, and sky blue. Scientists say the spaceships are made from a unknown metal.

“I have never seen such a beautiful aircraft before!” exclaimed an awed civilian who wished to remain unnamed.

Other people weren’t so enthusiastic.

“One of our country’s greatest landmark is now destroyed, all because of that spaceship! They are unwelcome and should leave immediately!” demanded the indignant mayor.

The spaceship is still resting in its bed of rubble and the police had declared the site a crime scene.  No one is to go near it.

No survivors were found in the remains of 101. Anyone with information of the aliens is to come forward.

The Mark of the Yellow Aliens

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