Wreck it Ralph: Movie Review

“Wreck it Ralph”

By Annie

In a world of gaming and fun, there is a “bad guy” named Ralph. He was tired of watching Felix getting golden medals, eating cake and having parties while he has been left out in a dump. So he went out of his game to do something about it.

“Wreck it Ralph” is produced from Walt Disney Animation Studio and it was released by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was released at October 29, 2012. This movie was directed by Rich Moore. John C. Reilly is starring as Ralph, Sarah Silverman is starring as Vanellope von Schweetz and Jack McBrayer as Fix it Felix Jr. There are many more characters but I just choose the main characters.

This movie is a great thing to watch for everyone. It is not that scary or that creepy so its a good movie for people that are scared of scary and creepy movies. This is a very fun and creative movie that a lot of people will love to watch all the time.

This is a good movie for kids because it will make them know that friendship is strong and it will let them know that even though your friends get a certificate that says ” You Are Great” and if you are also a good person than, you don’t need a certificate or a prize for being good because if your heart knows that you’re good than you should believe in yourself and you would have friends to tell you that.

This movie is one of my favorites because it has a lot of imagination and it’s very creative and fun. It has a great story structure and the story is well told. This is a good movie because the story is telling us that friends are much more important than a gold medal to prove that you are good because if you are thoughtful to your friend than your friend is your gold medal. Lastly, The movie has a lot of variety of colors.

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