Movie Review: Maze Runner

“The Maze Runner”

By Lori

Thomas finds himself in “The Box” and moving upwards. He doesn’t remember anything and is very confused. Then, suddenly “The Box” stops moving and the ceiling opens up and he sees people he doesn’t recognize.

This is one of the newest movies and was released in September 11, 2014. It was directed by Wes Ball. This movie was based on the book series by James Dashner. The main characters, Thomas is voiced by Dylan O’Brien, Teresa is voiced by Kaya Scondelario, Minho is voiced by Ki-Hong Lee, and Gally, voiced by Will Poulter. There are many other characters, but these are the main characters. All the other people are all minor characters.

Thomas finds himself in a camp also known as the Glade; a group of kids with their memory taken from them, too. The Glade is in the middle of a giant maze. Every day before dawn The Runners set off and go look for a way out of the maze. They had been stuck in the Glade for a long time, but The runners always come back before dark, because the maze’s door always closes. No one wants to be stuck in the maze after dark. Every night the doors to the maze close and overnight, the walls in the maze change so whenever The Runners enter the maze in the morning, it is always different from the day before. But one day The Runners; Minho and Alby were late and the doors were about to close. Then the members of the Glade see them from a distance just as the doors were closing. There was a very strict rule about not stepping foot in the maze if you’re not a Runner, but Thomas knew they wouldn’t make it in time so he went in and the doors behind him closed.

Alby, one of the Runners was hurt, but they still survived the night, barely making it. Thomas breaks one of the most important rules, but has proven himself, taking Alby’s spot as a Runner. Then a girl named Teresa joins and Thomas feels that he remembers her for some reason. The moment she came everything went wrong. The doors stopped closing, and Grievers came in the Glade. Grievers are monsters that come out during the night, but now that the doors won’t close, they can easily get in. They finally decide to go into the maze in a huge group to find their way out and some die trying.

This has become a favorite movie and it is recommend for ages 10 and up. This movie is probably not that suitable for kids because there are parts where they fight. Though there is some fighting, it was still a great movie.


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