Series Preview: Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries series book review

By: Bella

What is this series all about? It’s a humorous story about a teenage girl called Nikki Maxwell who loves to write her diary . Her arch enemy, a super popular girl called Mackenzie Hollister is oftenly causing trouble for her, which makes the story exciting to read because you never know what Mackenzie will do next. Nikki’s BFFs, Zoey Franklin and Chloe Garcia are also funny, and will bring you laughter while reading. However, if you don’t like funny stories but you like romance stories, Nikki have a crush called Brandon which she’s trying to figure out if he really like her or not. That is the lovey-dovey part of the Dork Diaries series. If you want to know more about the series, you can go to and there will be more information about it there. So, if you like romance or (especially) funny stories, this series might be a good choice for you!

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