Top 3 Breathtaking Places in the World

Many people don’t realize that nature is Earth’s precious gift that cannot be restored like a building. It is the same thing with ancient monuments. Whatever disappears, will never come back and rebuild itself. Nature, is at risk. Luckily, many people in the world are maintaining their beautiful places. Without further ado, may I present you the top five exotic natural sceneries in the world!

The first beautiful scene I’m going to introduce to you is in Japan! It is called the Aogashima Volcano and it’s absolutely beautiful, located on a volcano island. There are little villages on that mountain, and they also have very steep cliffs, so if you’re not careful, you might fall down and well, “Sayonara!” The Aogashima island is located in the Philippines Sea. You should try visiting this place sometime, I guarantee that it will make you breathless.

Aogashima Volcano
Aogashima Volcano

For more information of Aogashima Mountain, go to:

The second place is called the Hiller Lake, which is also called “The Pink Lake” because of the unusual pink water in Hiller Lake. The pink water is caused by the growth of algae. From the top, the lake looks like it is a huge wad of pink bubble gum. Don’t go in the lake or else you might end up with pink all over your body! 🙂 If you want to go and see this pool for yourself, you can locate this pool in Western Australia.

The Hiller Lake (a.k.a. Pink Lake)

For more information about the Hiller Lake (Pink lake), go to:

The third place is called the Fairy Pools and can be found in Scotland, Isle of Skye. I know! Sounds magical right? But actually, this “fairy pool” doesn’t have real life fairies living there like fairyland. This fairy pool is impressive, but you cannot swim in there since the pool is too deep. If you see the first waterfall, that means that you’ve arrived at your destination. This waterfall though, is the highest fall, and also the deepest. Even if there’s no one else with you, I still highly recommend you to not go jumping in the pool because that you’ll just end up killing yourself.

Fairy Polls in Isle of Sky, Scotland
Fairy Pools in Isle of Sky, Scotland

For more information, go to:

Anytime, anywhere, any place. Go to these places and find out how beautiful it is in real life!~

An extra quote from me to readers: We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost, but sometimes, we just travel for fun.

Mother Earth~ (a.k.a. Hina)


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