Red Panda’s Story

By: Mother Nature  (Hina Yu)

Many people often get red pandas and raccoons mixed up.  What is the difference between red pandas and raccoons anyway? To tell the truth, raccoons are relatives of red pandas, but they look different. Not only that, raccoons are gray, unlike red pandas. Red pandas use their big bushy tails to keep them warm in cold climates, and they spend most of their time on trees.

Red pandas are not the type of animal people usually talk about, so I decided to do some research on them. For example, do you guys know that red pandas are a mixture of a raccoon, a panda, and a cat? Some people might know that, and some people might not, but what is the most spectacular thing about red pandas anyway? The fact that they eat bamboos? Or, the fact that red pandas have furry tails? Nope! Red pandas are incredibly shy. Well, that is, except when they are mating. While the female takes care of the young, the male helps out by——- taking no interest at all and ignoring the young. Right. You are probably thinking, “WHAT? The female does all the hard work and the male just relaxes?” But let’s think about the situation this way.  We humans act similar to these animals. In your house, the mom does the work and the male plays. It’s the same thing for red pandas.

Red pandas are endangered animals. Their habitats are disappearing because of us. We cut down trees for many things. Every single day that we use paper, we are destroying not only the red panda’s habitat, we are also destroying many other animals’ environments. I hope that after reading this article, You have learned more about red pandas.

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