Greek Gods


Hello fellow readers! This is an article by Demeter( I’m going by this name because I am going to introduce you people to my family!) Well! First of all, I was born from my titan mother; Rhea! (She is a very loving and caring father. Unlike my father Kronos.)She had 12 baby Olympians and well, I was part of it. I have several brothers and sisters. Some us of are even married to our own family members! I for one, was forced to marry my 2 brothers: Poseidon and Zeus. One of the most powerful and the strongest gods in the universe. Well, there is another god that is also powerful and strong but I have nothing good to talk about him right now. In fact, I don’t even want to talk about him, meet him, praise him for ANYTHING! (Destroys 3 farmhouses) Sorry. But I really cannot help myself after he stole my precious sunshine Persephone. She is my daughter and whenever I see her, hear her, sense her, I feel like nothing bad would happen. Unfortunately, she ate a pomegranate and I had to search her for weeks! And one time, when Kronos tried to return and destroy us all, we had to rely on those demigods. If we didn’t have them, I would be no more, I will fade and Western Civilization would have died! (Murmurs to herself silently cursing.) I am sorry if I cannot tell you much but I must go now. Goodbye people. And if you ever need advice in farming, please come find me. Thank You! May your Winter be lovely as summer. 🙂

Please ask me questions later on and I, Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture shall answer as fast as possible.


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