Movie Preview: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

By: Kuan-Wei
Big Hero 6 is a 2014 American computer-animated superhero film released by Walt Disney Pictures on November 7th, 2014, and is produced by Walt Disney Animated Studios. It is an action-packed movie that is most likely to attract young kids. The film is directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, and the film features the voices of Ryan Potter as Hiro Himada, a14-year-old who has already graduated high school. Scott Adsit as Baymax, an inflatable robot. T.J. Miller as Fred a laid-back comic-book fan and Jamie Chung as Gogo Tomago, a tough, athletic girl. Damon Wayans, Jr. voicing Wasabi, a smart, largely built neat-freak and finally, Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon, a chemistry whiz . The film tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a young robotics genius who forms a superhero team to combat a masked villain Yokai. One of the films main theme is about coping with grief.



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