Demeter says hello!

Hello everybody!

This is the goddess of farming and agriculture. I may look like a weak and puny goddess but when I am angry, I get MAD! But don’t worry. I won’t go and wack people in the head without any reason. I am going to tell you guys that I will be telling and introducing you to my family! Oh, and just to let you know, that evil Hades kidnapped my “little sunshine” Persephone! Anyway. I will be multitasking while writing an article about my family. Hmm? What? What did you say darling? Oh for dinner? I’m thinking that we should make some bread as dinner. So sorry but I need to go. Persephone is hungry and I hate it when she gets upset. Goodbye! I should be posting an article next week. Goodbye! happy farming everyone! Oh! And if you ever meet little weats, tell them hello for me!

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